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French Fancies: Airelles Collection

The story of the Airelles brand began in 1988, in the heart of the French Alps, with the Les Airelles Palace in Courchevel. In 2007, Stéphane Courbit breathed new life into this and decided to take the innovative Airelles experience and vision to new destinations.… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Airelles Collection”

French Fancies: Les Domaines de Fontenille

The Domaines de Fontenille group is famous within the hotel industry for getting things right: the little things, the big things, and everything in between. The opening of their sixth hotel, Domaine de Primard, proves that some things never change. How it all began… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Les Domaines de Fontenille”

French Fancies: Beaumier

I’m going to continue with the hospitality sector until the end of March though I could probably post a year’s worth of companies without breaking sweat. Today’s hotel group does not (as yet) have any Parisian properties but it does have some in rather… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Beaumier”

French Fancies: Evok Hôtels

If you’re obsessed with design, you’ll love the French Evok Hotel Group. Faced with Airbnb’s imposing, impersonal presence in Paris, Evok Hotels opened in 2016 to offer unique, community-focused lodgings that would appeal as much to locals as they did to visitors. Creating compelling… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Evok Hôtels”

French Fancies: Astotel

I’m conscious that most of my family-run hotel groups provide expensive, 5* accommodation, but that’s not the case with this group of 3 and 4* hotels in Paris which also provides some very useful extras! How it all began This adventure begins in 1961… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Astotel”

French Fancies: Philippe Tayac

I’m interrupting my series on family-run hotels because I have found something really exciting locally. The patissier above currently has one shop in Nice and a pop-up in Cap 3000 which is where we fell upon his fabulous patisseries. On further investigation we discovered that… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Philippe Tayac”

French Fancies: Beaumarly

I’m continuing with my series of posts about French family-run hospitality companies. Masters of their craft, the Costes brothers know where to go and where they want to go. Their holding company Beaumarly embodies these qualities and reflects them in its establishments through a… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Beaumarly”

French Fancies: Fauchon

I’m continuing with my series of posts about French family-run hospitality. This one though has had a bit of a rocky ride! Fauchon is a family-owned company involved in French luxury gastronomy since 1886 that operates restaurants, catering cafes, hotels and retail outlets. How… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Fauchon”

French Fancies: Maison Albar Hotels

I’m continuing my series of French family-run hotels. My previous two companies are arguably first generation while, this one, Maison Albar Hotels is a four-generation family epic. How it all began Hotels have always been a passion for the Albars, beginning in 1923, when… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Maison Albar Hotels”

French Fancies: Maisons Pariente

Serial entrepreneur Patrick Pariente first co-founded clothing company Naf-Naf with his brother Gérard in 1973. Thirty or so years later, after selling the brand to Vivarte in 2007, he then shifted his focus to real estate before creating luxury hotel brand Maisons Pariente, a… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Maisons Pariente”