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French Fancies: Maison Kayser

I’ve already written about the importance of bread and patisseries in France. Today I’m looking at one of France’s global brands. Eric Kayser may have only launched his first boulangerie at 31 but his belated start did not stop him from making his mark. … Continue Reading “French Fancies: Maison Kayser”

French Fancies: Baccarat Crystal

France has some wonderful manufacturers of glass and crystal. Here’s one of my favourites though sadly it’s no longer in French hands. How it all began Baccarat Glass was established in 1765 by the Bishop of Metz who wanted to encourage industry in the… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Baccarat Crystal”

French Fancies: Sézane

Created in 2013, Sézane is a digital fashion firm that has made a niche out of niceness. Its subtly feminine creations — mostly wearable and unchallenging pieces such as vintage-looking knitted sweaters and sensibly heeled leather pumps — are showcased via positivity-fuelled branding and… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Sézane”

French Fancies: EMPREINTES

This weekend we’re heading to a shop in one of my favourite parts of Paris where I have spent plenty of time both admiring and buying its tempting wares. EMPREINTES is a 600 sqm (6,000 sq ft) concept store in the heart of the Marais… Continue Reading “French Fancies: EMPREINTES”

French Fancies: Ghazal Paris

It’s a well-known fact that a woman cannot have too many pairs of shoes. While I spend much of my time in Birkenstocks and trainers, I still need pairs of pretty shoes for when my beloved whisks me away – you all know it’s… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Ghazal Paris”

French Fancies: Bernardaud

It’s still common to exchange business gifts with important clients and partners in the Middle and Far East. Knowing what to buy people is however tricky. Fortunately, Nice airport has a superb selection of French goodies that are always well-received, such as those from… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Bernardaud”

French Fancies: Dangleterre

I favour responsible, sustainable and artisanal brands. Here’s another one whose products I’ve been (quite rightly) lusting after. Paris-based jewellry brand Dangleterre emerged in 2019 with sophisticated jewels using richly coloured gemstones that make for surprisingly easy statement pieces. The company’s founder Ségolène Dangleterre… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Dangleterre”

French fancies: Satisfy

With my beloved husband at home during the pandemic, he’s worn mostly casual clothes. This is good news for me as they’re largely washable and don’t require any ironing! Depending on the time of year, he tends to favour a mixture of Vilbrequin and… Continue Reading “French fancies: Satisfy”

French fancies: Christophe Robin

This continues my series of looking at French companies some of which you may not have heard about. Today’s makes hair products which are responsible for keeping my locks looking lustrous during lockdown. Christophe Robin haircare has been an A-list favourite for over 20… Continue Reading “French fancies: Christophe Robin”

French Fancies: Ormaie

This is where I take a closer look at some well-known, and less well-known, French companies whose products I use and love.  I’ve recently treated myself to some new perfume. I’d been searching for some time for a non-synthetic one and finally found seven… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Ormaie”