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French Fancies: Moynat

Until recently this has been very much a word-of-mouth brand but no longer as it recently arrived with quite a splash in Harrods, London, taking over its windows with an impressive display. Moynat could justifiably claim to be the world’s most luxurious bag maker,… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Moynat”

French fancies: What Matters

Today’s company was only founded recently but has certainly hit on a winning formula.I’m a huge fan of subscription models, both for entrepreneurs and consumers. My beloved and I buy a number of products that we use daily in this fashion. Serial entrepreneurs Charlotte Catton… Continue Reading “French fancies: What Matters”

French Fancies: Pernod Ricard

This might not be one of my favourite beverages but no French cook worth her salt would be without a bottle of Pernod. There are other brands but……..I’m reliably informed by those that drink it, this is the best. Pernod Ricard is a French company… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Pernod Ricard”

French fancies: Yann Couvreur Pâtisserie

Whenever we visit Paris, a significant amount of time is spent drooling over various pâtisseries. Of course, there are many good ones but I’m interested in the great ones, such as today’s, Yann Couvreur has become known for his clever riffs on classic pastries.… Continue Reading “French fancies: Yann Couvreur Pâtisserie”

French Fancies: Jacquemus

This weekend I’m featuring another fashion brand but one with a much shorter pedigree, Jacquemus, named after its founder Simon Porte Jacquemus. Simon Porte Jacquemus started his own label when he was 19. Credited with bringing a freshness to Paris’ fashion scene, his collections… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Jacquemus”

French fancies: Fusalp

While we were recently staying in Isola 2000, I chanced upon a a small book about this company. It reminded me of when I first learned to ski in 1972. I was staying with my French pen friend who lived in Grenoble and hadn’t appreciated… Continue Reading “French fancies: Fusalp”

French Fancies: Cafés Richard

No my beloved (sadly) does not have his own coffee company though we do joke about it whenever we’re served some café Richard. Although Paris is most famous for its monuments, the city’s cafés are part and parcel of its history and rich scenery.… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Cafés Richard”

French fancies: Garnier-Thiebaut

I don’t know about you but I love crisp, white, high thread count bed linen and fluffy white towels. Hotels’ laundry takes a bit of a hammering so I’m always keen to see which brands they use. It’s often a French brand called Garnier-Thiebaut!… Continue Reading “French fancies: Garnier-Thiebaut”

French Fancies: L’Éclaireur

A bit like last week’s post, Paris is full of surprising shops. Here’s another one! Located behind a huge black door, only Parisians with a keen sense of fashion know this address since there is no other indication that it exists. Considered the first… Continue Reading “French Fancies: L’Éclaireur”

French Fancies: Au Bain Marie

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love, love decorative items, particularly those for my dinner table. If you’re similarly afflicted, you need to check out this website and/or visit its treasure-trove shops in Paris. Honestly, I can spend hours and hours in… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Au Bain Marie”