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French Fancies: Maison Albar Hotels

I’m continuing my series of French family-run hotels. My previous two companies are arguably first generation while, this one, Maison Albar Hotels is a four-generation family epic. How it all began Hotels have always been a passion for the Albars, beginning in 1923, when… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Maison Albar Hotels”

French Fancies: Maisons Pariente

Serial entrepreneur Patrick Pariente first co-founded clothing company Naf-Naf with his brother Gérard in 1973. Thirty or so years later, after selling the brand to Vivarte in 2007, he then shifted his focus to real estate before creating luxury hotel brand Maisons Pariente, a… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Maisons Pariente”

French Fancies: Château Voltaire

As I explained last week, I’m going to be looking at French family-owned hotels and hotel groups. When I featured fashion brand Zadig & Voltaire, I wondered what former owner Thierry Gillier did with the company’s sale proceeds. Well, I can tell you. He… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Château Voltaire”

French Fancies: Family-Run Hotels

Prior to Christmas we visited two fabulous hotels but what made them special was the fact that both were family owned and run. In my “French Fancies” for the next few weeks, I’m going to be waxing lyrical about small French hotel groups.  Growing… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Family-Run Hotels”

French Fancies: Éric Bompard

It’s winter, it’s nearly Christmas so what about some cashmere that most luxurious of fabrics? Éric Bompard is both a French company specialising in cashmere, and the company’s creator. How it all began The company was founded in 1983 by Éric Bompard, a former… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Éric Bompard”

French fancies: Cadolle

One of the many things France is famous for is lingerie, lots of lingerie. I’ve previously covered the reasonably-priced Etam, but today we’re going decidedly upmarket – just in time for Christmas. One of the inventions to have made the lives of 20th and… Continue Reading “French fancies: Cadolle”

French Fancies: IZIPIZI

The French wear a lot of glasses and sunglasses consequently every high street has numerous eyewear outlets. This company, one of the newer brands, is one of my faves, quite possibly because of its catchy name. IZIPIZI are fashionable, reasonably-priced glasses from Paris. Since… Continue Reading “French Fancies: IZIPIZI”

French fancies: Chabé

Of course a lot of France’s companies are involved in food, clothing, perfumes, jewellery, cosmetics ……but not all! Here’s a family-led group founded in Paris in 1921, which today is established throughout France and operates globally. Chabé’s ten subsidiary companies are experts in bespoke… Continue Reading “French fancies: Chabé”

French Fancies: Samsic

If you’re a cycling fan you’ll have heard of Samsic as it’s co-sponsor of the French Pro-Conti cycling team Arkea-Samsic, though I appreciate you may not know what the company does. If you’re not into cycling, you may not even have heard of it. Samsic’s… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Samsic”

French fancies: Bonne Maman

This week I turn my attention to a well-known, beloved brand which is still family owned. Bonne Maman is a French brand of jam, marmalade, compotes, desserts, cakes and biscuits.The brand was created by Andros in 1971 as a mass-produced product with a home-made feel,… Continue Reading “French fancies: Bonne Maman”