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Update from France

It’s a while since I last did one of these posts and there has been quite a lot going on recently! France is experiencing record high levels of Covid infections, but deaths and hospitalisations are lower than during previous waves. How much of a problem… Continue Reading “Update from France”

Festive French Foods

Never let it be said that I don’t listen to my readers. Back on 7 January Andrew Petcher suggested I do a post on what the French eat over the Festive Season, so here goes. Our French friends make a big deal of their… Continue Reading “Festive French Foods”

French Fancies: OKKO Hotels

This relatively new chain of four-star hotels is springing up in cities across France. With its cool concept of smallish rooms balanced with a large central area known as The Club, there’s plenty of space to relax. One of its main attractions is that… Continue Reading “French Fancies: OKKO Hotels”

French Fancies: La Compagnie du Kraft

You might very well be reading this post on your iPhone, iPad, or some other portable piece of technology. Sure, that’s the world we live in, where we can receive and record information with the touch of a screen. However, if you’re anything like… Continue Reading “French Fancies: La Compagnie du Kraft”

French Fancies: Savon de Marseille

Sundays are where I continue to introduce you to French companies big and small which are very much part of my daily life. Some you’ll have heard of and some you won’t. This time however it’s a product you’ll find in most French households.… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Savon de Marseille”

French Fancies: Caravanne

For over twenty-five years French lifestyle brand, family-run Caravane, has collaborated with artisans around the world to create its unique homewares, offering a curated edit of authentic, quality furniture and accessories including beds, sofas, curtains, homeware and lighting sourced. From raw French linen to Indian… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Caravanne”

La bise is back: Many in France divided over return of cheek kissing

To bise or not to bise that is the question? I am now more than happy to embrace my closest friends and any good-looking men that should happen across my path but my view isn’t universal. The traditional French greeting of a kiss on… Continue Reading “La bise is back: Many in France divided over return of cheek kissing”

French Fancies: Ladurée

I still recall the first time I ate a macaron. It was at Gordon Ramsey’s debut London restaurant Aubergine. He served tiny lemon and raspberry macarons as part of his petits fours’ selection. They were delicious, just melted on the tongue. The second time… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Ladurée”

News from France

I returned from vacation yesterday evening and needed to catch up with what’s going to be happening in France this week. There are several Covid-related rules changes  – what else! – in France this week from changes to mask rules in schools and free… Continue Reading “News from France”

French Fancies: J.M. Weston

I’ve featured posts about ladies’ shoes but I thought I should address the balance and look at a French producer of predominantly mens’ shoes.  J.M. Weston, despite the Anglo-Saxon sound of its name, is a French luxury shoe company, founded by Édouard Blanchard in… Continue Reading “French Fancies: J.M. Weston”