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One from the vaults: Whiling away the hours

I’m heading back to this post from November 2011 on what is a French Bank holiday – perfect for a spin on two wheels! I woke this morning (strictly speaking, yesterday morning), opened my eyes, looked out of the window and the sky was a… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Whiling away the hours”

One from the vaults: Double jeopardy

Today, we’re heading way back into 2011 when I was battling a few extra kilos to reach my optimal riding weight, since attained and maintained. Was this really 11 years ago? Our Indian summer is continuing and, despite still not feeling 100%, it was… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Double jeopardy”

One from the Vaults: I should be there

We’re heading back to May 2012 when I was once more too busy with matters at the cycle club to just pop up the road and over the border for a few days to watch a couple of stages in the Giro d’Italia. I’ve… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: I should be there”

One from the vaults: A twosome no more

This week we’re heading back to May 2009, a month that;s typically full of local cycling sportives, though not for the past two years. It’s a time when I cast off my 3/4 bib shorts and wear a short-sleeved jersey, sometimes with a wind-proof… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: A twosome no more”

One from the vaults: Off season, what off season?

I’m going to continue with this series of posts and, again, I’ll try not to choose too many cycling ones. This is from way back in 2012 when I was Secretary (and Treasurer) of my previous cycling club. Cycling clubs don’t have off seasons,… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Off season, what off season?”

One from the vaults: Altitude attitude

Another one from the early days, July 2011, and as Greg Lemond (three times Tour de France winner and twice UCI Road Race world champion) famously said: It never gets easier, you just go faster Whenever I watch professional bike racers I marvel at… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Altitude attitude”

One from the vaults: How’s it going?

This is one of my earliest posts from July 2009 and explains why I set up the blog. This blog was supposed to be about training and fundraising for my Livestrong Challenge in Austin, Texas, in late October and I’m aware that I often… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: How’s it going?”

And finally…………………………….

Yesterday was one of those glorious winter days where the sky, along with the sea, was azure blue and cyclists enjoying the midday rays of sunshine thickly thronged the coast roads. After being housebound with a bad head cold for far too many days, I… Continue Reading “And finally…………………………….”

Handed over and out

I popped into the club yesterday evening to complete my three-stage handover to the new Club Secretary and her adjoint. As I entered the pair of them, along with the new M Le President, were gazing uncomprehendingly at the club computer. They told me it… Continue Reading “Handed over and out”


As the New Year gets underway you can’t help but wonder what it’ll have in store for you. I have in theory given up my responsibilities at the cycle club. A new management team has been elected and I have everything ready and in place… Continue Reading “Benevolence”