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USA: holiday photo no 7

We’ve moved onto Washington DC which has many, many monuments.

USA: holiday photo no 6

More gardens; not for nothing is Philadelphia the US garden state!

USA: holiday photo no 5

It’s a Thursday, so here is a fabulous Philly door. We’re away for 3 weeks so I’m posting photos each day as I won’t have time to blog.

Visit to La Coulée verte René-Dumont ou La Promenade plantée

Finding a local treasure is always a delight in Paris and la Coulée Verte is indeed one of those, an off-the-beaten-path place to stroll surrounded by greenery and unique views of the city. The Promenade plantée is an extensive green belt that follows the… Continue Reading “Visit to La Coulée verte René-Dumont ou La Promenade plantée”

Trip to an abandoned railway line in Paris

If you’ve visited Paris as many times as I have you’ll have checked off all the essential tourist hubs and now want to experience the nitty-gritty of the real Paris. Far from the tour buses that run through Place de la Concorde and the groups… Continue Reading “Trip to an abandoned railway line in Paris”

Trip to Paris: Part II

It’s rare that one of our trips to Paris doesn’t include a trip to Musée d’Orsay. This one was no exception, particularly as there were exhibitions on Catalan architect Gaudí, Whistler’s painting from the Frick and artist turned sculpture Aristide Maillol. Gaudí Exhibition   Antoni… Continue Reading “Trip to Paris: Part II”

Trip to Paris: Part I

We love regular trips by train to Paris to catch up with the latest exhibitions (and restaurants). Consequently, we never need an excuse to visit but this time we had one, seeing our football team OGC Nice play against Nantes in the French equivalent… Continue Reading “Trip to Paris: Part I”

[Yet another] Postcard from Alassio: Part II

As a child aged 8 I spent a wonderful holiday in Laigueglia, Italy, with my family. My fondest memories are of the guys selling warm jammy donuts on the beach, sadly no longer in evidence. Amazingly, the small, family-run hotel we stayed in is… Continue Reading “[Yet another] Postcard from Alassio: Part II”

[Yet another] Postcard from Alassio: Part I

It’s becoming quite tricky to find things to write about when it comes to Alassio, our home-from-home just up the coast, where last week we enjoyed a few days of farniente and Aperol Spritzs. The seaside resort at Alassio is best known for having… Continue Reading “[Yet another] Postcard from Alassio: Part I”

One from the vaults – Things my beloved says: “Would you like to go away next week?”

Like last week, I’m still revisiting 2017 and a trip to Alassio while we’re enjoying the self-same hotel in 2022. During my beloved’s recuperation from his broken leg, we’ve had an ongoing joke that I’ll deserve a break when he’s finally back on his… Continue Reading “One from the vaults – Things my beloved says: “Would you like to go away next week?””