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One from the Vaults: French Basque Country – Biarritz

I’m still plumbing my previous posts, of which there are many, on the Basque Country. This time it’s a shout-out to the beautiful French town of Biarritz. I have waxed lyrical many a time about the Spanish Basque Country. Now’s the time to bang… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: French Basque Country – Biarritz”

Holiday photo: 15 (a day late)

Our last port of call was the same as our first on Lake Garda, a wonderfully relaxing place on its own lake well away from the hustle and bustle of Lake Garda and nestled among the vineyards.

Holiday photo: 14

We’re leaving the Tyrol and heading home feeling very relaxed via Lake Garda (again). My beloved decided he didn’t want to drive all the way back in one go and who am I to disagree? Here’s the view from our bedroom window, not too… Continue Reading “Holiday photo: 14”

Holiday photo: 13

We’re still enjoying the Tyrol before heading back tomorrow but before we do, here are some photos from today’s mountain bike ride. My beloved is grimacing in this photo because it was a bit chilly first thing.

Holiday photo: 12

We’re still enjoying the Tyrol and, after spending yesterday in the Spa, are feeling very relaxed. My beloved met with a client in Munich today but I decided to stay home in the hotel. Here are some photos from around Seefeld.

Holiday photo: 11

We’re enjoying a few days in the southern Tyrol. Even though it hasn’t stopped raining since we arrived yesterday evening, we’re still having lots of fun in the Spa. As it’s Thursday, here’s a few doors from Graz.

Holiday photo: 10

Now, we’re planning on enjoying a few days in the southern Tyrol which we really know well but haven’t visited since winter 2017 when we spent a month there over Christmas and New Year. Sadly it rained en route and so today I’m using… Continue Reading “Holiday photo: 10”

Holiday photo: 9

We’ve spent today sightseeing in Graz, a simply charming city with a magnificent Old Town, which has many architectural splendours. It’s well worth a visit. Here’s some night shots I took yesterday evening on our post-dinner stroll. And here are just a few of… Continue Reading “Holiday photo: 9”

Holiday photo: 8

Today we drove four hours from Budapest to Graz, an Austrian city we’d not previously visited. Until I can take some photos of Graz, here’s some more from Budapest.

Holiday photo: 7

Today’s the big day – the christening which was held this morning after mass followed by a celebratory lunch in the restaurant of the twins’ uncle, himself one of a twin. Yes, twins run in the family.  Here’s a photo of the twins, post… Continue Reading “Holiday photo: 7”