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Trip to Le Bristol

My love of “posh” hotels can be blamed on my parents. As a child I ate out a lot and in those days most restaurants were in hotels, at least in the UK. And, I loved, loved going out to eat – who doesn’t!… Continue Reading “Trip to Le Bristol”

Trip to Musée Jacquemart-André

I love museums that display a lifetime’s worth of private collecting. The Musée Jacquemart-André is a private museum located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The museum was created from the private home of Édouard André (1833–1894) and Nélie Jacquemart (1841–1912) to… Continue Reading “Trip to Musée Jacquemart-André”

Trip to l’Hôtel de la Marine: Part II

Yesterday’s post explains the building’s history and today’s the big reveal of the full restoration in all its glory. The tour of the building is interactive, with room-connected headsets, we enjoyed an immersive visit that plunged us into 250 years of the monument’s history.… Continue Reading “Trip to l’Hôtel de la Marine: Part II”

Trip to l’Hôtel de la Marine: Part I

I’ve already written about our visit to one of the two matching properties on Place de la Concorde, the Hôtel de Crillon, now I’m going to tell you about our visit to the other. How it all began Once the plans had been drawn… Continue Reading “Trip to l’Hôtel de la Marine: Part I”

Trip around Jardin du Luxembourg

On the way to our lunch, we cut through the Jardin du Luxembourg –  a delightful spot. Situated on the border between Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter, in the sixth, it is colloquially referred to as the Jardin du Sénat, because it’s now owned by the French… Continue Reading “Trip around Jardin du Luxembourg”

Trip around Jardin des plantes: Part II

The Jardin des plantes turned out to be way more interesting than we supposed, even in winter. Yesterday I wrote about the garden’s history and its main buildings, today is more about the gardens themselves and its greenhouses. The garden covers an area of… Continue Reading “Trip around Jardin des plantes: Part II”

Trip around Jardin des plantes: Part I

We twice visited the Jardin des plantes. On arrival in Paris to see the illuminations that evening and then on the following morning when we began our perambulations in the garden. Winter’s generally not the best time to visit a garden but there was… Continue Reading “Trip around Jardin des plantes: Part I”

One more of my many Postcards from Paris

I know, it’s only just over three months since we were last here but, frankly, I could happily visit monthly. This is the first time we’ve taken a few days vacation to celebrate my birthday, rather than just lunch somewhere. My beloved proposed a… Continue Reading “One more of my many Postcards from Paris”

Trip to Munich: Part II

After lunching at Dallmayr, we popped into a few of our favourite stores but frankly it was so cold we couldn’t wait to warm ourselves up with coffee at our preferred hotel, the Bayerischer Hof where we’ve stayed many times in the past 40 years.… Continue Reading “Trip to Munich: Part II”

Trip to Munich: Part I

We hadn’t ventured into Munich from Seefeld the previous Christmas (2021) so a day trip was on the cards this time. The roads were rather treacherous, so we decided to let the train take the strain. The pictures below were taken from the train… Continue Reading “Trip to Munich: Part I”