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Photo from Paris: Day 2

Today my beloved achieved a long-held ambition, he visited the Louvre for the first time! He’s tried to visit many times before but has always been put off by the lengthy queues. During the pandemic, entrance to all museums has to be pre-booked, a… Continue Reading “Photo from Paris: Day 2”

Photo from Paris : Day 1

We’re (finally) spending a few days in Paris catching up with new museums and exhibitions. I can’t wait as I’ve been experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms. I have organised a pretty packed schedule which will probably be derailed by some of my beloved’s business meetings.… Continue Reading “Photo from Paris : Day 1”

One from the Vaults: Postcard from Manhattan II

This is the second-part of my 2010 trip to New York over Thanksgiving, part one was last Friday. I have finally managed to wrest control of the laptop, and access to the internet,  from my beloved who, citing his business needs, has been hogging it… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: Postcard from Manhattan II”

[Yet Another] Postcard from Seefeld

After a couple of days in Graz, we headed to more familiar ground, Seefeld. Over the years I have written many posts about our winter and summer holidays here, a town we first visited back in 1986! Over the years, we’ve stayed in many… Continue Reading “[Yet Another] Postcard from Seefeld”

One from the Vaults: Postcard from Manhattan I

In previous years, including last year, we have generally headed to New York in November. Not the best month for a spot of sightseeing but it’s rather dictated by my beloved’s need to attend a major dental meeting. This post is from way back… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: Postcard from Manhattan I”

Postcard from Graz

On our recent trip to Budapest, we returned by way of Austria, making a maiden visit to Graz. We had no real expectations but were delighted with what we found. Graz is situated on both sides of the Mur river in southeast Austria. About… Continue Reading “Postcard from Graz”

One from the vaults: The Best Basque Country Beach

Still mining my back-catalogue of posts about the Basque Country! I’ve written so much about the gorgeous northern Spanish seaside town of San Sebastian in the Basque Country over the years that, this time, I thought I’d hone in on one of its (many)… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: The Best Basque Country Beach”

Postcard from Budapest: Our Hungarian Christening

I’ve been spreading out the posts from our previous trip in late September/early October. After a few days in Peschiera and Pordenone, we drove through Slovenia to Budapest for the real purpose of our trip: the christening of our god-children. We much enjoyed the… Continue Reading “Postcard from Budapest: Our Hungarian Christening”

One from the Vaults: Basque Country – Saint Jean de Luz

And so it continues with our most recent trip to the charming French, Basque seaside village which was in July 2018. See, I’m certainly due a revisit if only via the blog! Saint Jean de Luz is a fishing port on the Basque Atlantic… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: Basque Country – Saint Jean de Luz”

Postcard from Pordenone

This is an area of Italy we know well because my beloved has a client here with whom he has worked for a number of years. In addition, it’s an area that often features in the Giro d’Italia, and I have friends who live… Continue Reading “Postcard from Pordenone”