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Postcard from Washington DC: Part IV

A dear friend advised me to visit the Library of Congress. I’ve always loved libraries with their stacks of books, hushed atmosphere and more. This is truly a magnificent place to dally particularly amongst its architectural splendour. The Library of Congress, housed in three… Continue Reading “Postcard from Washington DC: Part IV”

Postcard from Washington DC: Part III

One from the vaults: Postcard from San Sebastian – 2016 City of Culture

Tomorrow there’s the  2022 edition of the Klasikoa in San Sebastián, a race I love seeing live. This year sadly, once again, I’ve resigned myself to watching it on television. Here’s what happened back in 2016. Typically, our visit to the Clasica San Sebastian… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from San Sebastian – 2016 City of Culture”

Postcard from Washington DC: Part II

I’ve spread our meanderings over three posts and in today’s we’re heading for The Mall where many of Washington’s museums are grouped though I appear to have failed to capture pictures of all of them – probably mesmerised by all those Doric columns! National… Continue Reading “Postcard from Washington DC: Part II”

Postcard from Washington DC: Part I

With time at a premium in Washington, aside from visiting the Library of Congress, we just generally walked around the city looking at all its monuments, parks and civic splendours, roughly following a walking map I found online (below).   Washington DC, the US… Continue Reading “Postcard from Washington DC: Part I”

Postcard from Philly: Part IV

Today, I’m featuring the fabulous gardens of Chanticleer and Nemours – neither of which was on my list of gardens to visit but sometimes you’ve just got to follow the advice of others! Chanticleer House and Gardens The Chanticleer estate dates from the early… Continue Reading “Postcard from Philly: Part IV”

Postcard from Philly: Part III

Our trip to Philadelphia was almost wholly prompted by watching a television programme on three of its gardens: Longwood, Shofuso and Winterthur. Our favourite by far was Longwood where we spent hours wandering around its wonderful grounds and conservatory. It was while we were… Continue Reading “Postcard from Philly: Part III”

Postcard from Philly: Part II

There’s a lot to see and do in Philadelphia but with only a few days at our disposal we had to prioritise. So here’s a quick summary of where we went.  I’ll write more next week about the gardens which, as you can see… Continue Reading “Postcard from Philly: Part II”

Postcard from Philly: Part I

Our trip to Philadelphia was prompted by watching a television programme on its gardens then, after a spot of research, realising how much there was to see and do in the city – we were not disappointed. Let’s start by looking briefly at the… Continue Reading “Postcard from Philly: Part I”

Postcard from USA: Part I

Before I blog about the details of our recent US trip, here’s a two-part summary of where we went and what we did, before I get down to the nitty-gritty. We generated a frisson of excitement when we arrived at Nice airport for our… Continue Reading “Postcard from USA: Part I”