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Postcard from the Vuelta I: Galicia

After attending 10 consecutive World Championships, I decided to take a break this year, largely prompted by its location in Qatar. Initially, my beloved and I had decided to visit Montreal and Quebec, to watch their respective GP races, as part of a longer… Continue Reading “Postcard from the Vuelta I: Galicia”

Postcard from San Sebastian: 2016 City of Culture

Typically, our visit to the Clasica San Sebastian forms part of a longer trip but occasionally, like this year, we fly down. In the past we’ve flown to Bordeaux and hired a car. This year my beloved decided we would fly to San Sebastian… Continue Reading “Postcard from San Sebastian: 2016 City of Culture”

Postcard from the (De)Tour

Last year, on the way  to the Amstel Gold race, we ate lunch in Macon. It was a delightful place and, as we didn’t have time to look around, we resolved to return. The start of this year’s Tour de France in Normandy gave… Continue Reading “Postcard from the (De)Tour”

Postcard from Pais Vasco

Despite the wet and windy weather we had a great time watching the Vuelta al Pais Vasco. Typically, the weather was fine both before and after the race. With this year’s race falling after Easter, I thought I’d have no problem booking our usual… Continue Reading “Postcard from Pais Vasco”

Postcard from Laval, Midi-Pyrenees

I finally managed to persuade my beloved to drive down to the Basque country over two days – so much less stressful. When I drove down on my own in 2014 I stayed in St Gaudin, but this time we stayed just outside of Toulouse… Continue Reading “Postcard from Laval, Midi-Pyrenees”

Australia: six handy hints

That’s right! Just when you thought I had totally mined my trip to Australia, I pop up with another post. A number of friends have asked me if, on reflection, I would have done anything differently. The answer is no. Though it would have been great… Continue Reading “Australia: six handy hints”

Postcard from Chicago

I’ve recently returned from the Windy City, my first visit there since February 2007. You’re probably thinking, hmm not the best time to visit Chicago. I agree, but I was with my beloved who was attending a Dental Congress while I played hooky at… Continue Reading “Postcard from Chicago”

Postcards from Melbourne II – Yarra Valley

All too soon, we were on the final lap of our vacation. The time had just flown past. We chilled at a Vineyard Spa hotel in the Yarra Valley where the roads were quiet, albeit undulating, which afforded us plenty of opportunities to explore… Continue Reading “Postcards from Melbourne II – Yarra Valley”

The bits in between – Adelaide to Melbourne via Great Ocean Road

This is one of the world’s most spectacular coastal drives, and a great way to travel from Adelaide to Melbourne, or visa versa. Once, well out of Adelaide, the landscape changes to the shallow lagoons and salt flats of the Coorong, havens for wildlife… Continue Reading “The bits in between – Adelaide to Melbourne via Great Ocean Road”

The bits in between – Sydney to Adelaide

As we left behind the lush, manicured, green suburbs of Sydney on our 1380km drive to Adelaide, we encountered golden scrubland punctuated by trees, grazed by cattle and sheep somnolent in the warm morning sunshine. The road was undulating at first with gullies, creeks… Continue Reading “The bits in between – Sydney to Adelaide”