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Postcard from Pordenone

It’s May, I should’ve been watching the Giro d’Italia so here’s another blast from the past (May 2013) where we happily managed to combine business, a spot of vacation and watching cycling in NE Italy. I know, I know I’ve been back a few days… Continue Reading “Postcard from Pordenone”

Postcard from Paris

I have spent the past three days pounding the pavements of Paris, the world’s most visited city. Like all great cities, you see far more if you religiously navigate its various quarters on foot. Although I always have a small map, just in case,… Continue Reading “Postcard from Paris”

Garibaldi’s Giro II

Like most people, I remember Garibaldi as the man who unified Italy and for whom the biscuits were named. Oh yes, the Garibaldi biscuit was indeed named after Giuseppe Garibaldi following his visit to Tynemouth in 1854. It was developed at a time when produce was… Continue Reading “Garibaldi’s Giro II”

Postcards from Melbourne I

We had a most pleasant journey to Melbourne largely thanks to Qatar Airlines whose Club Class, in the humble opinion of my beloved who spends his time circumnavigating the globe, is considerably better than either BA’s or Lufthansa’s First Class. We started in a promising… Continue Reading “Postcards from Melbourne I”