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Thanksgiving: Part I

My beloved had built up sufficient air miles on British Airways for us to fly to and from New York, via London. We caught the first flight to London from Nice which left us about two hours between flights. I like to leave a… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving: Part I”

Potted History of Brisbane

My beloved and I find the history of Australia fascinating, largely because it’s so recent yet so impressive. We’re always amused by the names of places. I love the Aboriginal names which I think are so evocative,  onomatopoeic even. But, of course, many places… Continue Reading “Potted History of Brisbane”

Must-see and do list for Brisbane

You didn’t think I’d finished with Australia, did you? I’ve got a couple more posts this week and then I’m going to cover our Thanksgiving Stateside. I do however reserve the right to return to Australia later in the year. I consider we were… Continue Reading “Must-see and do list for Brisbane”

Christmas is done and dusted!

I know there’s a few days to go but I have nothing more to do. I’ve sent the Xmas cards (I don’t buy any presents) and the flat looks suitably festive without going the whole nine yards bearing in mind we won’t be here… Continue Reading “Christmas is done and dusted!”

Must visit small towns in Australia

From the stunning Sydney Opera House to the beautiful botanical gardens in Brisbane, Australia’s big cities have obvious appeal. But if you want to get a deeper sense of what this amazing country is all about, escape to one of its many charming small… Continue Reading “Must visit small towns in Australia”

Best beaches in Australia: my pick

Australia’s beaches quite rightly have a reputation for being among the most stunning in the world. The pale, fine sand squeaks beneath your feet, the water remains a brilliant blue all along the coastline, and the palm trees sway overhead as if dancing to… Continue Reading “Best beaches in Australia: my pick”

Great Barrier Reef

When Sir David Attenborough refers to something as an “unforgettable and revelatory” experience you know it’s got to be good. Sir David himself classes the first time he donned scuba gear and dived on a coral reef as “the single most revelatory moment” of… Continue Reading “Great Barrier Reef”

Places from our #adventuredownunder we’d visit again

If it’s difficult to whittle down the highlights of our vacation, it’s just as challenging to choose where we’d happily visit again. Our previous vacations in Australia had covered Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide but while we’d investigated much of South Australia and Victoria, there… Continue Reading “Places from our #adventuredownunder we’d visit again”

History of Wolgan Valley

Our trip to Wolgan Valley was in many ways the highlight of our extended vacation in Australia and I found its history and development to be very interesting, after all Australia is home to one of the oldest living cultures in the world. The… Continue Reading “History of Wolgan Valley”

Our 5 faves from our #adventuredownunder

As my beloved and I conducted our holiday port-mortem, it inevitably threw up our vacation highlights. We then attempted to whittle these down to five – easier said than done on such a great trip. So here we go! 1. Getting up close and… Continue Reading “Our 5 faves from our #adventuredownunder”