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12 Days of Christmas – day 10

This is the view from the finish of stage 3 of the Vuelta a Espana, 176.4km from Marin to Dumbria, Mirador Ezaro which was won by Alexander Geniez (FDJ). It was a long, hot wait at the summit finish for the peloton, particularly as… Continue Reading “12 Days of Christmas – day 10”

12 days of Christmas – day 9

This is photo of the Tour de France peloton as it passed by Coutances on stage 2, a 183km largely flat coastal route from Saint-Lo to Cherbourg won by Peter Sagan, which gave him his first-ever yellow leader’s jersey.  He went on to take his fifth consecutive green… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas – day 9”

12 days of Christmas – day 8

My beloved was keen to visit Vigo while we were following the Vuelta a Espana around Galicia. Aside from its beautiful Atlantic beaches, alleged to be among some of the best in Europe, the town has a magnificent Old Quarter which, while not extensive, covers… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas – day 8”

12 Days of Christmas – day 7

Chenonceau Chateau is the second most visited building in France after the Palais de Versailles. However, on a hot summer’s day in July, we were entranced more by its magnificent gardens and spectacular setting. It was built in 1513 by Katherine Briconnet and successively embellished… Continue Reading “12 Days of Christmas – day 7”

12 Days of Christmas – day 4

It was only as I was skimming through my beloved’s cycling photographs that I realised how many featured the lovely leggy podium girls who grace every event! This one is from the Giro d’Italia and features its “god-mother” holding the splendid winner’s trophy. Hailing from… Continue Reading “12 Days of Christmas – day 4”

12 Days of Christmas – day 1

I’ve searched through the thousands of photographs we’ve both taken this year for 12 which sum up our 2016. It hasn’t been an easy task. I could have easily picked 12 from those taken in Australia or from the many bike races we’ve seen.… Continue Reading “12 Days of Christmas – day 1”

Postcard from New York

One year on and we’re back in Manhattan though my trip was almost cut short by my beloved. On leaving the plane he swung his pull-along briefcase and swept my feet from under me. I fell on my right side, banging my head and… Continue Reading “Postcard from New York”

Postcard from 36 hours in Paris

I’m back from a flying visit to Paris, a city I really should visit more often. I found a great deal on a delightful hotel in the 6th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from Notre Dame and Quai d’Orsay, one of our favourite museums in Paris.… Continue Reading “Postcard from 36 hours in Paris”

Postcard from Hamburg

When I worked in internal audit for an American bank in the early eighties, I regularly visited Hamburg to see friends. Friends my beloved had made when he’d spent his industrial placement there in the late 1970s. We even spent Christmas and New Year… Continue Reading “Postcard from Hamburg”

Postcard from the Vuelta III: Bizkaia

We first visited Bilbao in Bizkaia back in 2011 when the Vuelta stopped and started in the Basque country for the first time in 33 years. No prizes for guessing why the Vuelta had avoided the area for a while. Fittingly, that stage was… Continue Reading “Postcard from the Vuelta III: Bizkaia”