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USA: holiday post no 22

We’re flying back home today and it’s been a glorious trip – farewell to USA, we’ll be back. Here’s a snapshot of our vacation.

USA: holiday post no 21

We’ve been very fortunate with the weather and enjoyed gloriously sunny days for most of our vacation, much of which we’ve spent on or close to water and green pastures.

USA: holiday post no 20

We’re in NYC, we absolutely have to visit some museums and exhibitions. Can anyone guess where we were?

USA: holiday photo no 19

It’s Thursday, so here’s a Manhattan door.

USA: holiday photo no 18

We’re now in Midtown for the final leg of our vacation – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

USA: holiday photo no 17

We wave farewell to the Jersey Shore and head for the Big Apple for the next few days.

USA: holiday photo no 16

These two had been sitting in the car for over 3 hours waiting to be driven down to the dock for a boat ride!

USA: holiday photo no 15

Party pad par excellence!

USA: holiday photo no 14

I’ve been advised that much of the housing stock near the beach was cleared to make way for the new developments. This one thankfully remains.

USA: holiday photo no 13

It’s been pretty quiet this week in Long Branch without the Tik Tok generation but maybe that’s on account of the dip in temperature.