What a lovely surprise!

Typically, I don’t like surprises. I’m a bit of a control freak and like to manage everything in my universe, that way I can deal with anything life throws at me. However, there are exceptions and I’m going to tell you about a very recent one.

I’ve been following the “paintdigi” blog for some time and much admire the work of its owner Ahmed Alozade who presents amazing digital art, along with some beautiful photographs.

This week Ahmed left me a message on my blog:

You are one of my friends and readers most faithful to my site and my art.
To thank you, I invite you to visit the article reserved for you alone, you will find a surprise: “for my premium readers”
Here is the password to view the article:
Welcome my dear friend

Not unnaturally, I was intrigued and visited Ahmed’s page to see three variations of a digital painting. He asked me to pick my favourite, give it a name and in return he would send me a copy of it.What a lovely surprise!

I called the picture below “Reflective” and I’ll explain why.

I thought maybe the painting was a self-portrait, it’s hard to tell because on his blog the only picture of Ahmed shows him wearing glasses. He’s wearing a loose and flowing blue garment, maybe a djellabah though those tend to be lighter in colour. He’s standing in front of a painting of what look like mountains, maybe the Atlas Mountains which run through Morocco? Behind that looks like a map of the world. There’s lots more going on in the picture. For example, does Ahmed have wings? Are those dark shapes at the bottom of the picture more mountains? Anyway, I decided it was a painting of Ahmed thinking of his home country and hence called it “Reflective.” Perhaps Ahmed can explain below in the comments below.

You’ll note that Ahmed has kindly signed and named the painting (and sent me a certificate of authentication) which I’m going to have printed onto high-quality paper, then I’ll frame it and hang it on my wall. Everytime I pass the painting I’ll think about Ahmed’s kind and thoughtful act.

I can’t claim to have a wide circle of acquaintances from the Magreb but the few I know are all like Ahmed, kind and thoughtful.