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One from the vaults: Postcard from London

Since moving to France I have made infrequent trips back to the UK. Far fewer than I originally anticipated. This was my annual flying visit to the dentist and hygienist. Yes, they have those in France too – well not hygienists. My dentist is… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from London”

Playing Tag Along

Okay, I’m taking part in a game of tag just because I can and because it’s fun. I was tagged by Dippy Dotty Girl who blogs at http://www.thetravellingdiaryofadippydottygirl.com. Describe your 2016 in three words Reducing an entire year to just three words is going to be tricky,… Continue Reading “Playing Tag Along”

Who’s going to win?

Okay, hands up, I’m a sucker for reality cookery shows. One of my favourites is MasterChef: The Professionals. It’s on UK television and the format is pretty much replicated throughout the globe in one form or another. Interestingly in the French equivalent, it’s diners… Continue Reading “Who’s going to win?”

The clock’s ticking

I don’t feel the need to celebrate my birthday and I guess that’s partly a reflection of my advancing years. Of course, when your birthday’s close to Christmas, it does tend to take the shine off of it. Additionally, the date generally conflicts with… Continue Reading “The clock’s ticking”

Let me check

It’s not unusual for our friends in France to ring us just the day before to invite us round for a meal. This charming spontaneity always rather amuses me. Indeed, if it had happened while I was still in the UK, I would have assumed… Continue Reading “Let me check”