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Musical February : Day 17

I’m a big music fan so thought it might be nice to take part in Bee’s ” Love is in Da Blog” Challenge for the month of February. Today’s prompt is love song about a child’s love, surely the purest love of all! In… Continue Reading “Musical February : Day 17”

Musical Monday: Chocolate Voices

In the run up to Easter, I’ve been celebrating all things chocolate! Today, I’m going to be celebrating those artists whose voices have frankly rich, chocolatey tones. In all three cases, I’ve chosen videos from NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts, a video series of… Continue Reading “Musical Monday: Chocolate Voices”

Song Lyric Sunday #43

This week’s prompt for Jim Adams’ Song Lyric Sunday Challenge is City/County/Country/State/Town. Places like New York and California feature prominently, so what do I have in my archives that fits the bill? How about New York: Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys? Alicia… Continue Reading “Song Lyric Sunday #43”