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[One more] Postcard from Seefeld

I’ve written so much about our trips to Seefeld over the years that there surely can’t be anything more to wrote about, can there? Unbelievably, there is! Let’s look at the history of the resort. Seefeld in Tirol is an old Austrian farming village,… Continue Reading “[One more] Postcard from Seefeld”

[Yet Another] Postcard from Seefeld

After a couple of days in Graz, we headed to more familiar ground, Seefeld. Over the years I have written many posts about our winter and summer holidays here, a town we first visited back in 1986! Over the years, we’ve stayed in many… Continue Reading “[Yet Another] Postcard from Seefeld”

Postcard from Graz

On our recent trip to Budapest, we returned by way of Austria, making a maiden visit to Graz. We had no real expectations but were delighted with what we found. Graz is situated on both sides of the Mur river in southeast Austria. About… Continue Reading “Postcard from Graz”

One from the vaults: Home sweet home

I’ve really dug deep with this one. It’s from June 2009 when we decided to take a cycling vacation in Seefeld Austria. Sadly, the weather did not co-operate! When I first started blogging, I made little or no use of my photographs. But if… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Home sweet home”

Another one from the Vaults: Postcards from Seefeld II

I’ve decided that once a week I’ll re-post something from my extensive archives. Obviously many of my early posts 2009 – 2012 heavily feature cycling. I’ll try to keep these to a minimum as I know not everyone is a cycling fan. This one’s… Continue Reading “Another one from the Vaults: Postcards from Seefeld II”

Wordless Wednesday

For Carol Anne: Wintery scene of snowy landscape in Seefeld, Austria

12 days of Christmas: day 12

I obviously had to choose a wintery scene from last year’s Christmas spent in Seefeld, Austria. This picture shows cross-county skiers swooping down from the golf course and across the Attersee, on the other side from Wildmoos Alm. Sun, snow and a set of… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas: day 12”

Thanks for the memories

In a way it’s inevitable that we’ve made comparisons between last Christmas in Australia and this one in Austria. Largely, I should add, prompted by Facebook constantly throwing up photographic memories of last year’s trip. I had said I wouldn’t do a “where were… Continue Reading “Thanks for the memories”

12 days of Christmas: Day 12

It’s only appropriate that this picture was taken during our current winter vacation in Seefeld, Austria. This sums up everything I adore about cross-country skiing: blue sky, new snow, crisp empty tracks, at one with natureĀ – bliss! It just remains for me to wish… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas: Day 12”

Loss leader

After the recent loss of his passport, my beloved and I were reminiscing about the many things he’s lost. He asked me which was my favourite incidence? This was a difficult one, as there have been so many over the years. However, I have… Continue Reading “Loss leader”