Liebster Award II

Two Liebster Awards in a week! Woman of mystery and newbie blogger Dragon Warrior 07987 who posts on the wonderfully named Den of Dreams kindly made the award. According to her site, she’s a day-dreamer who loves to read, write, draw and dwell in her magical world called Cygnet. I can certainly attest to her skill at drawing as her posts are illustrated with her charming pictures. She also weaves a mean tale. Do check out her blog and give her a follow.

The Rules:

1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you.

4. Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.

5. Ask your nominees 11 further questions.

6. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 Facts about myself:

1. I’m a keen cyclist, easily the toughest sport I’ve tried, and a keen fan of cycling. Many of my travels are worked around the season’s major races, particularly the three Grand Tours.

2. In theory I have retired but I could well be the busiest retiree you’ve ever met.

4. I do not act my age, ever!

5. I love cooking and my friends, particularly the French ones, joke that I have a Michelin star – if only!

6. I am useless at handicrafts but one of these days…………….

7. I love animals but don’t have any pets.

8. I like children but (from choice) don’t have any of my own. Instead I borrow those of friends.

9. I love planning our trips almost as much as the trip itself.

10. I’m married to a man who my family call “The Man who just Turns Up!”

11. I cannot dance.

Dragon Warrior’s Questions:

1. How can you describe creativity?

Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual.

2. What brings you most smiles?


3. What is your favourite type of blog post?

I don’t have a favourite. I like lots of different ones.

4. If you could get into any fictional place, where would it be?

There’s too many places I still want to visit without worrying about fictional ones. However I’d love to visit The Barefoot Contessa’s house and garden in The Hamptons.

5. Favourite fictional character?

I don’t have one.

6. The story you always wanted to write?

I don’t write fiction. If I were to write a book it would be a cookery one.

7. Something you wish people knew about you?

After two Liebster awards I must now be an open book.

8. Do you keep notebooks? Or journal or diary?

No, though I do jot stuff down on my iPad: shopping lists, packing lists, “to do” lists, ideas for blog posts…..

9. Favourite holiday destination?

The Basque Country which spans the Atlantic coasts of both northern Spain and SW France. You’ll find loads of posts on my blog about our trips there.

10. Types of creativity you prefer? Origami? Arts? Writing?

I would never describe myself as a “creative” type. I channel any creativity I possess into writing, photography, interior decorating and cooking.

11. Do you watch cricket? If yes, favourite player?

Yes, I do enjoy watching cricket. I’m a great admirer of Indian player Virat Kohli, plus West Indian Chris Gayle.

My Nominees:

If you’ve managed to read this far, consider yourself nominated and please answer the questions below.

Questions for my nominees:

1. If you had the ability to solve one of the world’s many issues (eg climate change, inequality, corruption, poverty,…..) which one would you choose and why?

2. You can invite five people to dinner (fictional, dead or living) who would you choose and why?

3. What are you going to serve to eat and drink at this dinner?

4. You’ve been gifted a plot of land on which you can grow vegetables and herbs. What would you grow and why?

5. Have you ever visited a place just because someone wrote about it on their blog. If so, where was that place?

6. You have the chance to live someone else’s life for a year. Who would you like to be and why?

Yeah, I know that’s only 6 questions, not 11, but what can I say, I’m a bit of a rebel!

Thank you for reading my post and celebrating this award with me.

Have a great day


Liebster Award

This is my maiden Liebster Award which was kindly bestowed on me by Steve over at Steve’s Country. Steve and Muffin his cat live in a particularly scenic albeit very cold part of the world. A keen photographer, you’ll find plenty of lovely photos of his local fauna and flora on his blog.  Don’t forget to check out Steve’s blog and give him a follow.

The Rules:

1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you.

4. Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.

5. Ask your nominees 11 further questions.

6. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 Facts about myself:

1. I’ve been married over 40 years! Please note this is where you express surprise and comment that I must’ve been a child bride!

2. I’m a typical Capricorn.

3. I live in one of the most gorgeous countries IMHO on God’s earth.

4. I love watching and taking part in different sports.

5. I spent the entirety of my working life in the Financial Services industry.

6. I now have a very small family, just my two sisters.

7. I enjoy cooking and baking for family and friends.

8. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

9. I have bags of energy and it’s my proud boast that I’ve yet to meet the child who can wear me out. Plenty of my friends’ kids have tried but failed.

10. I was a bit accident-prone as a child.

11. I cannot hold a tune.

Steve’s Questions:

1. Do you like rainy days?

I don’t mind them since we need water plus sun for things to grow, though I prefer it to rain overnight.

2. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Cook up a storm [in the kitchen].

3. Do you like thunderstorms?

We get plenty of thunderstorms on the French Riviera. They’re usually spectacular but I prefer to enjoy them from indoors.

4. Do you enjoy flying? In a plane naturally.

It all depends on the airline, the class of travel and how long I’m going to be in the plane.

5. Do you know how to fly a plane?

No and it’s not one of my ambitions to learn.

6. Do you enjoy photography?

Yes, but generally I only photograph buildings and scenery, rarely people.

7. Why do you have a blog?

Because I can.

8. How long have you been blogging?

Since 2009 though I did have a bit of a hiatus on my blog while blogging on VeloVoices.

9. What country do you live in?

France, the most visited country on this earth.

10. Morning person or night person?

I can be either.

11. Do you think you could last one month without any kind of internet connection?


My Nominees:

If you’ve managed to read this far, consider yourself nominated and please answer the questions below.

Questions for my nominees:

1. If you had the ability to turn back time, what time period would you return to and why?

2. You have the opportunity to make up a word and have it added to the dictionary. What would it be and what does it mean? Give examples of its use.

3. You’ve been gifted a plot of land on which you can grow vegetables and herbs. What woul you grow and why?

4. Have you ever visited a place just because someone wrote about it on their blog. If so, where was that place?

5. You have the chance to live someone else’s life for a year. Who would you like to be and why?

Yeah, I know that’s only 5 questions, not 11, but what can I say, I’m a bit of a rebel!

Thank you for reading my post and celebrating this award with me.

Have a great day


The Blogger Recognition Award

It was so kind of Betul Erbasi to nominate me for this The Blogger Recognition Award, particularly given how many great blogs and bloggers there are in the blogosphere. Betul is a PhD student at the University of Southern California and she set up her blog as an antidote to doing too much academic writing. Betul writes mostly short stories and pieces on her observations on human nature, in both English and her native Turkish – another accomplished linguist! Go check out her blog and give her a follow.

The Award Rules

1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.

2. Write a post to show your award.

3. Explain how your blog started.

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

5. Select other bloggers for the award and let them know.

What is The Blogger Recognition Award?

The Blogger Recognition Award is an award by bloggers for bloggers. It is a collaborative and creative effort by the blogging community to encourage one another. The award is a way of acknowledging the sheer effort that goes into running a blog and generating quality material on a regular basis. Blogging’s no mean feat. It’s time-consuming so it’s nice, from time to time, to receive some recognition. Here’s to all my fellow bloggers out there, who work their butts off to post great content for their readers. You’re amazing and I salute you all.

The Story behind View from the Back

The blog started way back in 2009 as a means of keeping my many sponsors up-to-date with my progress training for and taking part in a charity bike ride in USA. My beloved came up with the title because, at that stage, I hadn’t been cycling for long and was always being dropped on rides by the rest of our cycle club. Meaning my view was always from the back of the peloton (bunch). In truth it should have been called “view from off the back and down the hill” but that’s a wee bit too long!

After taking part in the charity event, friends and family told me not to stop as they found the blog a handy way of keeping up with us and our new life in France. So now I write about my passions – sport, cooking, travel, my husband – and anything else that takes my fancy, because I can.

My Advice to New Bloggers

My words of wisdom, if they can be called that, urge you to write about what you love. Writing’s a bit like cooking. The more passion you put into it, the better it tastes ie reads. Write for yourself, not for anyone else.

My Nominees for The Blogger Recognition Award

I follow loads of great blogs and it’s very tempting to nominate you all. Instead, I’ve decided I’d like to hear everyone’s stories. Can you share it either in a comment on here (below) or on your own blog as a post?

Thank you so much!

Special Blogger Award

I’d just like to say a big thank you to James K Connor @ Food = Life, a newbie blogger, for nominating me for the Special Blogger award, it’s most kind of him. James and I share a love of food and his blog is where

You’ll find things you love about eating, visiting and most of all about food!

Check out his blog, leave a few words of encouragement, better still follow him.

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you

2. Answer the questions you are asked (providing you’re comfortable doing so!)

3. Create 10 questions for the bloggers you’ve nominated

4. Nominate at least 3 bloggers for the Special Blogger Award

5. Comment on your nominees most recent blog post to let them know you’ve nominated them

6. Above all, have fun!

My Responses to James’s Questions:

1. What made you take the leap of faith and start a blog?

I started it as a way to keep family and friends updated on my training progress for a particular cycling challenge for which they’d kindly sponsored me. It’s now morphed into one where I write about my interests and travels, or indeed anything I fancy!

2. Are you aiming to progress your blog into a full-time job or keep it as a hobby?

Strictly a hobby! I already have a full-time job looking after my husband.

3. What are your favourite kind of blog posts to read?

I don’t have favourites, more a broad range of interests and a keen interest to keep learning about all sorts of stuff.

4. What are your favourite kind of blog posts to write?

Probably those about my travels.

5. Do you feel your blogging experience has impacted you positively?

Hard to say but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it.

6. Are the people in your life (outside of the blogging community) supportive of your blog?

Yes, friends from around the world find it useful to keep in touch with what we’re doing.

7. What advice would you give to fellow bloggers who are just starting out?

Write from the heart, write about what you know.

8. If you could go back to when you first began your blog, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Engage more with the blogging community, it’s very supportive and informative.

9. What is your top tip for growing a blog?

Don’t really have any tips, top or otherwise though you’ll find plenty in the blogosphere. 

10. How many blog posts do you post a week? Do you try to stick to a schedule or just post when you feel like it?

I’m a control freak, of course I have a schedule. Nowadays, I aim to post at least 5 times per week. Some of these posts will be photos others will be much longer narratives, though I try not to stray over 750 words.

Like James, I’m going to use the same questions largely because they’re all about blogging.

My nominees for the Special Blogger Award:

If you’ve bothered to read this far, thank you. I’ve nominated you because I always enjoy reading your content and/or looking at your photographs. Please answer the above questions about your blog at your leisure.

Thank you for your time and have a super duper day!

Sheree 😎 😎 😎

The Randomness Award

Joshua Swanson very kindly nominated me for my maiden Randomness Award. Joshua’s a relative newbie blogger but he’s garnered plenty of awards over the past few weeks so please check out his blog and give him some further support.

Looking at Joshua’s bio below, I rather suspect I’m old enough to be his grandmother and at first glance we don’t appear to have a lot in common. But then isn’t that the beauty of the blogosphere? You get to interact with tons of interesting folk whose path you might not normally cross.

Hi! My name is Joshua Swanson. I’m from Japan. I’m a Christian and I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior! I like reading books, fishing, teaching English, nature, Scrabble®, Risk®, Battleship®, Othello, Checkers, Chess, funny things, Christian music, Classical music, Country music, Latin American music, practicing my guitar, treasure hunting, playing catch and frisbee, exercising, cats, dogs, bears, fish, and other animals, but NOT centipedes. Favorite book: The Holy Bible Other favorite books: The Bell Mountain Series by Lee Duigon; The Remnant Trilogy by Tim Chaffey and K. Marie Adams; The Crown & Covenant Trilogy and The Faith & Freedom Trilogy by Douglas Bond; etc. Favorite food(s): curry rice; taco rice; etc. Favorite place: home.

Now, I wasn’t sure why Joshua thought I was worthy of this award until I checked out the meaning of randomness:-

1. the quality or state of lacking a pattern or principle of organization; unpredictability.

2. informal oddness or eccentricity.

Excellent, I’ve long aspired to be regarded as eccentric!

The Award Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions asked by your nominator.

3. Nominate 5 people and ask them 10 questions.

My Nominees for this Award

If you’ve taken the trouble to read this post and you’ve not received an award in the past week or two, please consider yourself awarded and also answer Joshua’s questions which you’ll find below.

Joshua’s Questions

1. Do you keep your blog a secret from anyone?

No, it’s public.

2. Have you ever met a famous person?

When I started to give this some thought, I realised I’d met and talked to quite a lot of famous people over the years so here’s a few of them:-

  • HRH Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall
  • Rafa Nadal
  • Paul McCartney
  • Geri Horner aka Ginger Spice
  • John Malkovich
  • Rob Lowe
  • Eddie Merckx
  • HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco

3. What’s your favorite movie?

The Shawshank Redemption

4. What country do you live in?

France, from choice.

5. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have two younger sisters who I get to boss around, no brothers but three brothers-in-law.

6. How did you find my blog?

I suspect you probably “liked” one of my posts or comments.

7. Can you play any musical instruments?

Yes, I can play the descant recorder.

8. What is your dream for the future?

More healthy, happy years with my beloved husband – 42 years and counting.

9. How long have you been blogging?

Since 2009 but I had a bit of a hiatus between 2012 and 2015.

10. Are you a funny person?


Thanks once again Joshua for the nomination! It was most kind of you.

The Sunshine Blogger Award VI

A huge thanks to Saba Niaz siddique who has kindly brought me some more sunshine by nominating me again for this award. I much enjoy reading the blogs of those from different cultures to my own, I find them so instructive and informative and they help me to view things from another’s perspective which is so important. Indeed the strap line on Saba’s blog, which she only started in March of this year, is as follows:

Get rid of ignorance. Share what we know and search what we don’t know.

Admirable sentiments! Please go and check out her excellent blog, say hi, give her a follow and show some support to a newbie blogger.

Here’s those all-important award rules

1. Show the logo on your blog √

2. Thank the blogger who niminated you √

3. Respond to the 11 questions you were asked √

4. Bestow this honour on other bloggers √

5. Pose said bloggers 11 questions √

Questions posed by Saba

1. Have you had anything date back to your salad days?

Now, I’m not too sure what Saba means by this and my salad days were a long, long time ago.

2. What is your favourite possession?

I’m not big on possessions. Sure, I have lots of stuff but, if the flat was burning down, I’d grab my beloved husband and run. oh, and maybe Teddy (see photo below), we’ve been together for a very long time.

3. Do you like to watch cartoons with kids?

I love cartoons! While I don’t mind watching them with kids, I do find that they constantly chatter over the film, generally to tell you what’s happening next. It’s best to watch them in the privacy of your own home or on a long-haul flight.

4. Dedicate a short paragraph in honour of your country.

I was born in Great Britain but have always considered myself a European, rather than British. Please don’t ask me to explain Brexit as I see it as a cry for help from disadvantaged communities rather than any real comprehension of the complex issues. I’ve spent the last 15 years living and working in France. If Brexit goes ahead, I’ll apply for a French passport. This is my home and I have no wish or desire to return to the UK. I moved to France because I adore the French and their way of life, their culture, beliefs, food and weather. I’ve found paradise on earth and I’d like to stay here.

5. What do you easily give away:-

  • Your books

  • Your toys too 

Would you lend him out? No, he’s way too old.

  • Money

The answer to this question is none of the above! About the only things I do give away easily are my time and baked goodies.

6. What do you feel when you visit your fellow bloggers but they forget that your blog also exists?

I never give it a moment’s thought. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

7. Does blogging really matter?

I think it depends on why you blog. I blog for my own amusement and it’s an easy way for friends and family around the world to keep up with what we’re doing. If other people read and like my blogs then that’s bunce.

8. Five lessons you’ve learned so far from your life?

  1. Be true to yourself
  2. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you
  3. If you can give someone else a helping hand, do it
  4. Don’t put off tomorrow stuff you can do today
  5. Go for it! You never want your epitaph to be “If only!”

9. Have you remembered your time with your teacher(s), would you like to share?

I enjoyed school (and university) but it was a long time ago.

10. Who is more corrupt, leaders or common people, or both?

11. What is sacrifice?

Giving up something you value for the sake of other considerations.

My nominees

This is my third Sunshine Blogger Award in as many weeks. If you’ve taken the time to read my entire post and have found yourself here – Congratulations, you’ve been nominated.

Here’s my 11 Questions

1. Describe your perfect day and explain what makes it so.

2. If you could invite anyone (dead or alive) to dinner, which 5 people would you invite and why?

3. What would you serve at the dinner in 2 above?

4. What’s your favourite sport and why?

5. If you could solve one of the many problems facing today’s world, what would it be and why?

6. Are you a cat or a dog person?

7. Use 5 adjectives to describe yourself

8. How do you enjoy spending your vacation time?

9. What brings joy into your life?

10. At this stage in your life what’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt?

11. Who are you going to nominate for this award?

Thanks for reading, have a great day and remember:-


The Sunshine Blogger Award IV

If someone is kind enough to nominate you for an award you should respond, it’s only polite. Plus, of course, it’s awesome getting awards particularly at my stage of life, or indeed at any stage.

This time my grateful thanks go to the gorgeous Priyanka Nair who around two years ago started her wonderful blog. And, in that short time she’s achieved much – just check out her “About” page. Her writing is inspirational and brings that veritable ray of sunshine into our lives. You just know that this determined lady will go far! If you don’t already follow her blog, you should. You won’t regret it.

Award Rules

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you √

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you √

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and ask them 11 new questions √

4. List rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post /or on your blog √

5. Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts √

Priyanka’s Questions

1. What is your favorite colour and why?

I don’t have a favourite colour. As a child I loved red because my party shoes were red but nowadays I embrace all colours. Though I would say that I’m not overly fond of blue when it comes to decor and don’t like sleeping in predominantly blue bedrooms.

2. Are you eating for survival or are you a gourmand?

I’m most definitely a greedy gourmand as my waist (or lack thereof) will testify. Also check out my recipes on my “The Musette” posts.

3. Black, red or white grapes?

Not a big fan of grapes, though my other half loves them. I prefer grapes once they’ve been turned into wine: one of life’s little miracles.

4. What is your favourite dessert?

This is much easier. It used to be my mother’s home-made lemon meringue pie. However, for health reasons, I’ve had to give up dairy and hence generally give desserts a miss. There are lots of delicious vegan recipes which I’m happy to embrace but they rarely evoke the same memories as my mother’s truly magnificent lemon meringue pie.

5. What is your favorite pasta dish?

My home-made vegan spaghetti bolognaise. On eating it, my two sisters declared that they didn’t realise there was no meat in it – result!

6. Do you eat fresh salads?

I’ve always loved fresh vegetables and salads and eat them daily. I’m not vegan, as I eat fish, but I do now follow a largely plant-based diet and feel so much better for it.

7. Sweet or spicy?

I like a mix of hot, sweet, sour, spicy and salty – umami!

8. If you are a woman: dress or pantsuit? And, if you are a man: suit or casual?

I’m a woman with a wardobe full of trousers, and very few skirts or dresses. Though, when I first started work, it was frowned upon for women to wear trousers – yes, I’m that old!

9. If you are a woman: high heels or flat shoes? And, if you are a man: Oxfords or sneakers?

Give me flat shoes any day! I have some fabulous pairs of heels, and wear them when appropriate, but love the current trend for athleisure with sneakers.

10. Do you like your birthday day?

Again, when you get to my age, birthdays just show that the sands of time are running out. My bithday is three weeks after Christmas, never a great date for a birthday unless, like me, you were a keen sportsperson, since age is always taken on 1 January.

11. And the last one: have you prayed today?

Not yet.

My Nominees

I follow and enjoy a great number of blogs on a very wide range of topics but this time I’ve decided to nominate those that I’ve recently started to follow.


The Lanes

Chef Nikki Meow







Andy and his other half



Here are my Questions to You

1. How do you bring sunshine into people’s lives?

2. Describe your perfect day

3. How would you keep an energetic 3-year old entertained? Asking for a friend!

4. What’s your favourite meal?

5. Use five adjectives to describe your personal style

6. How do you like to relax?

7. What qualities do you look for in your friends?

8. If money were no object, what would you buy and why?

9. Describe the town where you live and explain why you live there?

10. Use one word to describe how you felt when you read you’d received this award?

11. How would you like to be remembered?

There’s no time limit for your reply but, remembering my great age, please try and make it in my lifetime.  I’m looking forward to reading your answers.

A big thanks once again to Priyanka and have a great day.

Sheree x


The Real Neat Blog Award

Awards are like buses. You don’t get any for a while and then two come along together. Neha Kulkarni has most kindly helped me get 2019 off to a great start by bestowing the Real Neat Blog Award. Can 2019 get any better?

Firstly, many thanks to Neha for nominating me for this prestigious award and don’t forget to check out her blog Talk Exchange. It’s a great, positive and inspiring read. Her ambition is to touch a million lives and I’m sure she’ll achieve her objective.

About The Real Neat Blog Award:

Okay so what does this award mean? Well, I looked up “neat” in the dictionary and:-

1. a. Orderly and clean; tidy: a neat office; a neat desk.

1. b. habitually tidy or well-organized: was lucky to have a neat roommate.

2. Marked by ingenuity and skill; adroit: a neat turn of phrase.

3. Not diluted or mixed with other substances: neat whiskey.

4. Left after all deductions; net: neat profit.

5. Slang Wonderful; terrific: That was a neat party.

Okay, I’m going with number 5!

The rules:

  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer 5-6 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  • Nominate any number of bloggers you like.
  • Let them know you nominated them.
  • Ask 5-10 questions of your nominees.
  • Share some of yours which you think were a hit.

My Nominees:

Rather than list 10-15 of the amazing (aka real neat) blogs that I follow and regularly read, I’m throwing this open to all the blogs I follow (and who follow me) to accept this award and join in.

My responses to Neha’s questions:

1. Which one thing would you sacrifice if you were supposed to?

Not sure how, where or even why I have to make this sacrifice but it certainly wouldn’t be my better half (my beloved), or cycling, or coffee. I’ve already given up dairy, animal products and all processed foods so I suppose I could sacrifice either coffee or alcohol.

2. What efforts will you take to help the underprivileged?

When I worked in the City of London in my previous role, I worked closely with the Chairman on the company’s social and corporate responsibility programme. Specifically, we sponsored a primary school in a neighbouring and much poorer borough, mentoring the head teaching, helping to raise much needed funds for the school and working with the children on the three Rs. It was great fun and we all benefitted from the process. Since moving to France, I’ve taught English to youngsters, made donations to local charities but haven’t done as much as when I was in London. Maybe it’s something I need to think about more in 2019.

3. What is your favourite food?

Anything fresh and in season, I pretty much like all the foods I can eat but am particularly fond of vegetables.

4. What are your thoughts about life after death?

Not something I’ve particularly thought about if I’m honest. I’ll wait to find out and maybe I’ll get a nice surprise…..

5. Which is the movie that you love the most and would recommend?

There isn’t one. I like lots of movies for plenty of different reasons. But, in general, I love cartoons.

Some of my earlier posts:

I’m going to be mining my back-catalogue of blog posts just because I can!

My questions to those who accept the challenge:

  1. What one change will you make to your life in 2019 and why?
  2. Which charities (if any) do you support?
  3. What keeps you awake at night?
  4. How have you spent the Festive Season?
  5. Any good books you’d recommend I read in 2019?

Alternatively, please feel free to join in and answer the questions in the comments section below.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and successful 2019!

Keep Blogging


The Sunshine Blogger Award III

Well, what a lovely way to kick off 2019 – at the back end of 2018 Dr Tanya kindly nominated me for another Sunshine Blogger Award. Please take the time to check out and follow her blog which has a great name, “Salted Caramel.” Who doesn’t love that? Dr Tanya likes it in brownies and ice cream. That melange of sweet and salty is soooooooooooooo addictive.

Dr Tanya’s lifestyle blog is about continually re-inventing ourselves, change being the only constant, and forwards the best way to go. On her blog she shares her struggles so that you and I can become even better versions of our already awesome selves.

The rules are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify the nominees about it on one of their own posts.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

My Responses to Dr Tanya’s Questions:

  1. Why do you blog? Of course, because you want to. But do you blog as a hobby or to complement a business, or for other reasons?

I blog because I can and it’s purely for pleasure, neither profit nor gain.

  1. How long have you been blogging and how has your blog been doing in this time?

I’ve been blogging on and off since mid-2009. It started as a way to keep my sponsors for a cycling event apprised of my progress and morphed into firstly a cycling blog and more recently what might be called a Lifestyle one. 

  1. Do you write for yourself or for your readers?

Rather selfishly, I write for myself.

  1. Has blogging changed you or your life in any way?

Not that I’m consciously aware of but I do enjoy the discipline of writing regularly.

  1. What kind of blogs do you like to read and follow?

I love reading all sorts of blogs including those about food, wine, travel, fashion, poetry, photography and sport. There’s so much great writing out there in the blogosphere.

  1. If you were to write a book this year, what would it be called? (This question doesn’t apply to already published authors)?

I’m not going to be writing a book anytime soon, though I have edited a couple – far more enjoyable and much less stressful.

  1. What is your favourite quote?

Anything by Dorothy Parker, I love her witty ripostes.

  1. Name a book that has inspired you.

I’m struggling to think of a book that has inspired me. There’s plenty that I’ve enjoyed, I’m a voracious reader, but none that have inspired.

  1. Share a link to your favourite post/posts.

We’re not going to have enough room to do this here!

  1. How do your family/friends/pets react to your blogging habit?

My long-suffering husband is supportive, friends overseas find it a useful way of keeping in touch and I don’t have any pets.

  1. Do you still see yourself blogging in five years?

Yes, providing I’m still in the land of the living!

My 11 Questions:

  1. How long have you been blogging and what prompted you to start?
  2. What do you write about on your blog and why?
  3. Typically, how much time do you spend each week on your blog?
  4. What prompts you to follow certain blogs?
  5. Do your family and friends read your blog? And, if so, what feedback (if any) do they give you?
  6. It’s The Sunshine Blogger Award so how do you spread rays of sunshine on your blog?
  7. If you could change one thing about blogging, what would it be?
  8. If you were to impart one pearl of wisdom about blogging, what would it be?
  9. Who or what, if anything, has influenced your blog?
  10. What’s the best bit about blogging?
  11. What’s your idea of “A Perfect Day”?

My 11 Nominees are <cue drum roll>:

Best Indian Food Blog

Matty and Annika

Poetry in photographs at

Calm Kate at

Our Girl in Zurich

Rosemarie’s Kitchen

Oh yes they did

Kat at Antiquarius

Kellie’s Food to Glow

Rachel Hill

RAKA nomination

It’s always good to get the day off to a great start. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I read that Cathyrn from Cathryn’s Kitchen had nominated me for a RAKA (Random Acts of Kindness Award).

In her blog Cathryn’s kitchen you’ll find delicious and healthy, plant-based, gluten-free recipes. Cathryn’s worked in catering and as a personal chef, as well as feeding her husband and three sons – don’t youngsters always have hollow legs? –  so she knows what she’s writing about.

Just what is a random act of kindness?

‘Stocks rose on the news that random acts of kindness today outnumbered random acts of violence.’

A random act of kindness is a non-premeditated, inconsistent action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world. The phrase “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” was written by Anne Herbert on a placemat in Sausalito, California in 1982.

The Award Rules

These are pretty short and sweet:-

  1. Say who you nominate and why.
  2. Copy and share the picture that shows the award.
  3. Share a paragraph about something that impacted your own life in the way of receiving kindness or how you extended kindness to someone else.
  4. Nominate someone and share it on your own page. Don’t forget to tag or pingback to the original person who nominated you, or the original post.

After finding out about the award, my day just got better. When we get up in the morning, I have trained my beloved to go into the kitchen (it’s closer to his bathroom than mine), fill and turn on the coffee maker. That way, by the time we’re both washed and dressed, the coffee’s ready. However, that’s usually his sole contribution to breakfast, but not this morning. This morning he also laid the table. I was shocked but delighted and have already put in a call to The Guinness Book of Records! Regular readers will know that my beloved generally causes me more work, not less.

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. I’d like to think that I unconsciously try to espouse this each and every day whether it’s something small like lending a hand to a neighbour or just taking time to have a chat with someone to dropping everything to help someone out.

Aside from the slightly tongue-in-cheek example above, I’m fortunate to be on the receiving end of many acts of kindness – too many to list. Once again, a big shout out to Cathryn at Cathryn’s Kitchen for the nomination. Please go and check out her blog and wonderful recipes.

Nominations *drum roll*

I would like to nominate the lovely Cheche Winnie who writes passionately about nature conservation and species survival for future generations.

I’d also like to nominate A Dude Abikes who’s been riding a bike ever since his car got smashed up in January, 2005. He’s a volunteer with Bike Austin which recently made him an Advocacy Ambassador. Plus, he’s raised loads of dosh with his charity bike rides. He’s hoping to turn his blogging into a living. So why not help him out and visit