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The Musette: vegan quinoa pancakes

My beloved was heading off on an insane four-day trip to Bangkok and I wanted to give him (and me) a breakfast treat before he left. I had a few frozen blueberries in the freezer which I turned into blueberry compote with the addition… Continue Reading “The Musette: vegan quinoa pancakes”

The Musette: vegan scones

What better to enjoy with my recently made strawberry jam? Actually, it was my beloved’s idea. He said: This jam would be even more delicious on scones. Now, I cannot eat scones because they contain dairy in the form of butter and milk/cream. So… Continue Reading “The Musette: vegan scones”

The Musette: savoury bread and butter pudding

This is a versatile recipe, great for using up odds and ends, and is a big crowd-pleaser. I think of it as a savoury bread and butter pudding. It’s full of all the things we love at breakfast – bacon, eggs, toast and plenty… Continue Reading “The Musette: savoury bread and butter pudding”