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Progress: My bucket list

First a shout out to fellow blogger Andrew Petcher who inspired me to revisit and revise this post from October 2017, written well before you-know-what. Sadly we have made limited progress, as detailed below. 1. Vienna and Budapest I last visited Vienna when I… Continue Reading “Progress: My bucket list”

Who doesn’t love lists?

I’m not talking “To Do” lists or shopping lists  – though I always use them – but rather Bucket Lists, “10 Best….” lists, those types of lists which are incredibly popular blog posts. I’ve even indulged in a few myself but they’re often surprisingly… Continue Reading “Who doesn’t love lists?”

Should I have a bucket list?

An old family friend recently sought my advice about a couple of destinations on his bucket list. It gave me food for thought. He’s younger than me but already has a list of places he wants to visit before he checks out. I said jokingly… Continue Reading “Should I have a bucket list?”