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Silent Sunday #47

Today I’ve chosen another photograph from our 2019 #adventuredownunder showing the Tallow Beach, near Byron Bay.

Silent Sunday #19

I’ve decided to try and showcase some of my better photos and I’m going to pick a some from Australia for the next few months. In Byron Bay we stayed at a hotel where the accommodation was in the sub-tropical rain forest and which… Continue Reading “Silent Sunday #19”

12 days of Christmas: day 7

The next few days I’m featuring photos from our holiday in Australia, specifically NSW and Queensland. We had such a magical trip, with so many highlights, that it was difficult just to distill it into a few pictures. Here’s one of the sun setting… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas: day 7”

Places from our #adventuredownunder we’d visit again

If it’s difficult to whittle down the highlights of our vacation, it’s just as challenging to choose where we’d happily visit again. Our previous vacations in Australia had covered Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide but while we’d investigated much of South Australia and Victoria, there… Continue Reading “Places from our #adventuredownunder we’d visit again”

Inspired by The Blue Ducks

This cookery book in the header photo is what inspired our visit to Byron Bay. My beloved had bought me this in Farrells Bookshop in Mornington Peninsula back in 2016 because he’d liked the look of the recipes, many of which I’ve since made.… Continue Reading “Inspired by The Blue Ducks”

Chillin’ in Byron Bay

Back in 2016 I bought a fabulous cookery book from Dymocks in Melbourne called Three Blue Ducks, the writers of which had just opened their second restaurant in Byron Bay. The location lodged in my subconscious and when I started to plan our trip… Continue Reading “Chillin’ in Byron Bay”

Friday holiday photos #3

We’ve now arrived in Brisabane but here’s a few photos from Byron Bay, NSW. This was the beach closest to where we were staying. The shots were done at around 17:30, a little before sunset, on Broken Head Beach.