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Trip to Cap 3000 Shopping Centre

Only the food shops are currently open in Cap 3000 and, because it’s an enclosed mall, it’s unlikely to re-open fully on 11 May. Prior to lockdown, many of the newer outlets were yet to open or indeed be let. Neither its brand spanking… Continue Reading “Trip to Cap 3000 Shopping Centre”

40 years of Memorable Moments: first French flat

It was only when I started to write about Saint Laurent du Var (coming tomorrow) that I realised I’d never really written about us acquiring our first holiday flat in France. So I thought I’d better remedy that huge oversight pronto. Please bear with… Continue Reading “40 years of Memorable Moments: first French flat”

Orange bliss

After our recent ¬†successful trip to Orange in Cap 3000, we now have a fully functioning LiveBox with service restored to its former glory, new iPhones and a smaller monthly bill. I call that a result. Or I would, if it were not for… Continue Reading “Orange bliss”