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One from the vaults: Postcard from Castres

This post is from November 2015, seven years ago. I’ve decided it deserves another run-out largely because my beloved has finally concluded a deal with the client he first visited on this trip. Proving that persistence (and patience) does indeed pay dividends. It seems… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from Castres”

One from the vaults: Venturing into the unknown

The last few years for obvious reasons I’ve been restricted to following the Tour [de France] on the television. Today I’m harking back to 2013 and my debut Tour with my very own press accreditation – I was so excited. I’m fond of saying… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Venturing into the unknown”

French Fancies: Laboratoires Pierre Fabre

You may not have heard of Pierre Fabre unless you’re a rugby fan – the company sponsors its local rugby team in Castres where its story begins. Even so, you may not know what the company does, aside from making some of my favourite… Continue Reading “French Fancies: Laboratoires Pierre Fabre”

Silent Sunday

For Carol Anne: a photo of the Municipal Theatre in Castres, France

12 days of Christmas: day 1

We visited Castres again in January of this year, where this time I had a pleasant meander around its Goya museum. But that’s not what’s depicted in the photo. These houses in Castres’ handsome Old Town line its Agout riverbank. They’re brightly-coloured houses, with… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas: day 1”

Thursday doors #13

I love spotting businesses, generally shops and restaurants, that have been around for decades. Usually they’re family businesses which have been handed down the generations.  As I was wandering around Castres in the January sunshine this door caught my eye. If you’re wondering, the… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #13”

Visit to Goya Museum, Castres

Castres is a stop-over along the St. James’s Way (El Camino de Santiago) which developed from 9th century around the Saint-Benoît abbey (opposite the Bishop’s Palace). Its two claims to fame are as the birth place of Jean Jaurès, former leader of the French… Continue Reading “Visit to Goya Museum, Castres”

Postcard from Castres

It seems odd to have a few days away yet not be watching any bike racing. Though, in a way, our visit has a cycling connection. I was in Castres for a stage start of the 2013 Tour de France, found what little I saw… Continue Reading “Postcard from Castres”

Venturing into the unknown

I’m fond of saying the bike often takes me places I’d never go to in the car. The same can be said of watching live racing.  I spent a few idyllic days last week following the Tour de France, revisiting areas such as Marseille,… Continue Reading “Venturing into the unknown”