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One from the vaults: Postcard from San Sebastian – 2016 City of Culture

Tomorrow there’s the  2022 edition of the Klasikoa in San Sebastián, a race I love seeing live. This year sadly, once again, I’ve resigned myself to watching it on television. Here’s what happened back in 2016. Typically, our visit to the Clasica San Sebastian… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from San Sebastian – 2016 City of Culture”

Friday Photo Challenge – entertainment

How do I entertain myself? By either partaking in or watching sport, particularly cycling. Here’s a selection from one of my favourite one-day races, the Clasica San Sebastian, including the race winner Julian Alaphilippe.

Holiday photos: day 31

Three day hiatus for the Clasica San Sebastian, our return home the following day and then yesterday’s corporate video shoot of my beloved for his Chinese clients. This was our ninth consecutive Clasica and it’s one of our favourite races on the calendar largely… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 31”

Holiday photos: day 19

I’m in heaven for the next two weeks. We’ve rented an apartment with car parking overlooking the main beach in San Sebastian. It’ll be an opportunity to plunder the markets and whip up a few meals, as well as visiting all of our (many)… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 19”

Postcard from San Sebastian: 2016 City of Culture

Typically, our visit to the Clasica San Sebastian forms part of a longer trip but occasionally, like this year, we fly down. In the past we’ve flown to Bordeaux and hired a car. This year my beloved decided we would fly to San Sebastian… Continue Reading “Postcard from San Sebastian: 2016 City of Culture”

Another postcard from the Basque country

Another trip? I know. We’d only just gotten back from the Tour. Typically, we’d have gone directly from the Pyrenees to northern Spain for a further week’s vacation. But, as we’re taking quite a bit of time off in September for the World Champs, we… Continue Reading “Another postcard from the Basque country”

Postcard from Pais Vasco

We’ve been back in my beloved Basque country for a vacation with our bikes and while we were there we watched a couple of bike races too. On the recommendation of friends who know the area well, we stayed in a delightful Casa Rural –… Continue Reading “Postcard from Pais Vasco”

Drying out

We had our first downpour in ages yesterday afternoon and evening, but already it’s starting to dry out. By mid-day, I’ll be off out on the bike for a ride. The good weather is set to return for the finale of this week’s Paris-Nice. Last year,… Continue Reading “Drying out”