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One from the vaults: Plans awry

For today’s post, I’m going back to 2015 and reflecting on our Christmas arrangements. TBH, not much has changed though we did have a wee pre-Xmas break in Austria – more of which later! Our festive period tends to follow a pattern. We entertain… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Plans awry”

We’re now a UNESCO site!

The United Nation’s cultural organisation reported yesterday that it had added the French Mediterranean city of Nice to its world heritage list. UNESCO made the announcement in a tweet calling Nice, famous for its mild climate, the “Winter resort town of the Riviera”.https://twitter.com/unesco/status/1419992781125267456?s=11 Nice… Continue Reading “We’re now a UNESCO site!”

One from the vaults: Slogans

Yet another of my many posts about cycling and road hazards! This one’s from May 2014 and riding my bike daily is the one thing I’ve really missed during lockdown. Fingers crossed I’ll shortly be able to venture forth. I saw a brilliant slogan… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Slogans”

One from the Vaults: Worrying trend

I’ve decided that once a week I’ll re-post something from my extensive archives. Obviously many of my early posts 2009 – 2012 heavily feature cycling. I’ll try to keep these to a minimum as I know not everyone is a cycling fan. Here’s one… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: Worrying trend”

Trip to Antibes: Part I

While I’d fondly imagined our trip to Portugal would provide me with fodder for plenty of New Year posts, I’m having to go local. Luckily, I live in a simply splendid part of the world and there’s never any shortage of lovely spots to… Continue Reading “Trip to Antibes: Part I”

Trip to Le Haut de Cagnes

I’ve by no means finished with my posts on Australia but I thought you might appreciate a bit of a change. So I’m heading much closer to home for this post. It’s right on our doorstep but we’ve not visited Cagnes’ medieval old town,… Continue Reading “Trip to Le Haut de Cagnes”

12 days of Christmas: day 10

This photo is the view from our apartment. I’ve already waxed lyrical about the view which I adore at all times of the day, and at all times of the year. If I’m honest, I probably prefer sunrise and sunset simply because of the… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas: day 10”

Trip to Cros de Cagnes

One of my favourite markets is held every Tuesday and Thursday at the nearby fishing port of Cros de Cagnes which has narrow streets, colourful fisherman’s houses, bars and restaurants spread around the distinctive yellow Clock Tower, part of the church of Saint Pierre.  The… Continue Reading “Trip to Cros de Cagnes”

12 days of Christmas: day 10

My two sisters complain that I never take photographs of people and it’s true. Mine are typically of places. This is a rare photograph featuring my beloved. It was taken back in April while he was recovering from his broken leg. As you can see, he’s… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas: day 10”

12 days of Christmas: day 4

This is one of my favourite views and it’s from the balcony outside our bedroom window. That view is the main reason we bought the apartment. I never tire of it, whatever the weather, whatever the season. I have thousands of pictures of the… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas: day 4”