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Update from France

It’s a while since I last did one of these posts and there has been quite a lot going on recently! France is experiencing record high levels of Covid infections, but deaths and hospitalisations are lower than during previous waves. How much of a problem… Continue Reading “Update from France”

Here we go again………

Parts of northern France but also the south-east whete I live will go back into full lockdown from midnight today to battle spiralling Covid-19 infection rates. The départements are mainly in northern France and the Paris region where Covid-19 infections have been surging in… Continue Reading “Here we go again………”

Coping with (De)confinement

Unfortuntely, as a top health official has warned, La Belle France is far from its goal of reducing the number of new Covid-19 infections to under 5,000 a day. This could have grave consequences for everyone’s Christmas, or not if like us you were… Continue Reading “Coping with (De)confinement”

Lockdown latest from France

When France went into lockdown for the second time on 30th October, the President promised a review of the situation after two weeks. So, after a little more than two weeks of Lockdown II, where are we now? Last week the Prime Minister said… Continue Reading “Lockdown latest from France”

Lockdown latest from France

At the end of last week, the French Prime Minister extended the night-time curfew to another 38 new départements to cover roughly half of France (46 million inhabitants), red on the map below, including where I live in the Alpes-Maritimes. In total 54 of… Continue Reading “Lockdown latest from France”

Pandemic in France – latest

Although I live in one of the so-called “red-zones” in France, life goes on as before. Everywhere I go, I wear a mask. I try to restrict the number of outings I make by shopping once a week though we do try to have… Continue Reading “Pandemic in France – latest”

Lockdown loosening in France

France moved into the second phase of its loosened lockdown restrictions last Tuesday, 2nd June – so what changes did that bring to our everyday life? France began to loosen its strict lockdown from 11th May, but encouraging data on the virus circulation meant… Continue Reading “Lockdown loosening in France”

10 Lockdown Learnings

It’s #deconfinement +1 but very little has changed, largely thanks to the weather. After weeks of largely glorious weather our gradual release from lockdon was heralded by torrential rain and, weather wise, a rather mixed forecast until almost month-end. This, of course, may be… Continue Reading “10 Lockdown Learnings”