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Postcard from Dubai: Palm Jumeirah

The self-proclaimed eighth wonder of the world, Palm Jumeirah is the largest man-made island on the planet. Set on the coast of the Arabian Sea, in the dynamic city of Dubai, it is an eye-catching landmark. Launched in 2001 following the vision of His… Continue Reading “Postcard from Dubai: Palm Jumeirah”

Photo from Dubai: Day 12

Yesterday was our second visit to World Expo. We arrived much earlier to beat the crowds and only visited our targeted pavilions. By far and away my favourites were those with immersive experiences. I don’t really enjoy those intent on evoking my fear of… Continue Reading “Photo from Dubai: Day 12”

Photo from Dubai: Day 11

Yesterday was spent lazing around the pool in the warm sunshine, followed by a brisk walk around DIFC, a gym session and dinner in one of the Indian restaurants in the Dubai Mall. Maybe not the most exciting Saint Valentine’s Day but at least… Continue Reading “Photo from Dubai: Day 11”

Photo from Dubai: Day 10

Yesterday started with a late  breakfast – well, it was the weekend – and continued in a similar vein as we lazed around the pool. However, once a stiff breeze blew up my beloved decided to go shopping. There was method in his madness,… Continue Reading “Photo from Dubai: Day 10”

Photo from Dubai: Day 9

We ate on the Palm Jumeirah last week with one of my husband’s business associates but, because it was dark, we saw very little. Yesterday, we headed off to spend the day on the beach at another Jumeirah hotel, one on the west of… Continue Reading “Photo from Dubai: Day 9”

Photo from Dubai: Day 8

Yesterday’s trip to World Expo was amazing even though we didn’t visit that many of the pavillions. I hesitate to mention it but, as full-fledged old age pensioners, our entry tickets were free. Furthermore we qualified for Senior Cards which allowed us to skip… Continue Reading “Photo from Dubai: Day 8”

Photo from Dubai: Day 7

The week has just flown past, but then doesn’t it always when you’re on holiday? I had a day on my own yesterday which was rather lovely. Frankly I didn’t do anything particularly exciting though I did visit the bookshop again! Today we’re finally… Continue Reading “Photo from Dubai: Day 7”

Photo from Dubai: Day 6

I saw very little of my beloved today, he was busy with his local distributor during the day and then, this evening, he was entertaining lots of ladies, all local hygienists. Left to my own devices – never a bad thing – I was… Continue Reading “Photo from Dubai: Day 6”

Photo from Dubai: Day 5

Yesterday evening we went to the Palm and dined with some business associates who were enjoying a few days vacation post the dental exhibition we’d missed due to Covid. I had promised some photos from the Palm but there wasn’t anything that captured my… Continue Reading “Photo from Dubai: Day 5”

Photo from Dubai: Day 4

Yesterday and today were both days largely dedicated to work-related matters. We didn’t mind as the weather wasn’t conducive to lazing around, it was rather windy. While my beloved worked yesterday I headed to the Gold and Diamond Park where I was able to… Continue Reading “Photo from Dubai: Day 4”