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Photo from Paris: Day 7

All too soon, it’s time to go home but not before enjoying lunch at Le Train Bleu.

Photo from Paris: Day 6

We enjoyed a personal guided tour of one of Paris’s most famous hotels – more about which on Sunday – where we also lunched after a quick trip to Musee d’Orsay. We were there so long that when we came out…..

Photo from Paris: Day 5

Today we made our third visit to Atelier des Lumières, this time to see their Dali and Gaudi shows. This was quickly followed by a trip to the Palais des Congrès de Paris for the French Dental Show. I was mollified by oysters and… Continue Reading “Photo from Paris: Day 5”

Photo from Paris: Day 4

It’s mid-way through our trip – time certainly flies when you’re having fun. Today we visited the recently opened Bourse de Commerce which houses the Pinault Collection. Frankly you’re no one in Paris if you don’t have a vast building where you can share… Continue Reading “Photo from Paris: Day 4”

Photo from Paris: Day 3

Today was spent in one of my favourite areas of Paris, Le Marais. We passed the morning at the recently refurbished and reopened Musée Carnavalet, the museum of the history of Paris. Then, just wandered around in the afternoon.

Photo from Paris: Day 2

Today my beloved achieved a long-held ambition, he visited the Louvre for the first time! He’s tried to visit many times before but has always been put off by the lengthy queues. During the pandemic, entrance to all museums has to be pre-booked, a… Continue Reading “Photo from Paris: Day 2”

Photo from Paris : Day 1

We’re (finally) spending a few days in Paris catching up with new museums and exhibitions. I can’t wait as I’ve been experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms. I have organised a pretty packed schedule which will probably be derailed by some of my beloved’s business meetings.… Continue Reading “Photo from Paris : Day 1”

Wordless Wednesday #99

I know « Wordless Wednesday » is usually one of my many photos from my #adventuresdown under, but not this week. It’s my view from my bedroom window, a view I’ll never tire of looking at. Weather still lovely, a real Indian summer.

More beautiful French villages

Following on from last week’s list which formed part of a competition on French television, here’s a more “classical list.” As you may have gathered, while I’m getting out and about, I’m not visiting anywhere new that I can write about. That’ll all change… Continue Reading “More beautiful French villages”

Some of France’s most beautiful villages

Let’s indulge in a spot of virtual travel around the most visited country in the world. At least it was before you know what! Every year, the TV channel France 3 runs a competition to find the best-loved villages in France by region. It’s… Continue Reading “Some of France’s most beautiful villages”