Friday Photo Challenge – vast

I think I’ve muddled two Friday Photograph Challenges to come up with one of my own! But that’s okay, isn’t it? It’s just a way of showcasing some of our photographs. Here’s one from my 2016 trip to Australia which I took on the drive from Melbourne to Sydney at Wilson’s Promontory, affectionately known as The Prom by the Australians.

It’s a peninsula located about 200 km southeast of Melbourne, mostly covered by a national park, created more than a century ago. The park is known for its temperate forests, dunes and wild beaches, abundant wildlife and breathtaking views – just like this one!


Friday Photo Challenge – bloomin’

What a fabulous burst of colour! Please don’t ask me the names of any of these flowers because I will not be able to tell you. This is when I could do with bringing my mother back. She’d be able to tell us everything we wanted to know and more……

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in France. My mother adored flowers and I would often buy her an extravagant  bunch to celebrate Mothering Sunday. I think these would make a fine bunch of blooms. Don’t you?

Friday Photo Challenge – growing

Today is decidedly unspring-like. Indeed it has been overcast all day. Not entirely unexpected at this time of year, but generally towards the end of May temperatures are a couple of degrees warmer.

We all feel better with a bit of sunshine, it lifts our mood. Must be all that Vitamin D!

Of course it’s the mixture of rain and sunshine at this time of year which helps everything to grow so lushly.

Friday Photo Challenge – nature

This photograph was taken in January 2016 and shows part of Australia’s largest and most beautiful inland waterways, the Gippsland Lakes. A network of lakes, marshes and lagoons covering over 600 square kilometres, separated from the ocean by coastal dunes known as Ninety Mile Beach. Unsurprisingly, bird and marine life thrives here. It’s a magnificent spot.







Friday Photo Challenge – posing

The Giro d’Italia kicks off shortly and every year the organisers choose a very attractive model to look after this magnificent trophy. This photo is from a couple of year’s ago and was taken by my beloved. The Trofeo Senza Fine (Cup without End) which is awarded to the winner of the General Classfication is currently on display at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona, in front of the Arena, where this year’s race concludes. However, next week it’ll be at the start, along with all the riders, in beautiful Bologna.

This year’s Giro runs from 11 May to 2 June, the event both starts and finishes with individual time-trials and a whole lotta pain in between.

Friday Photo Challenge – Easter

To those of you who celebrate Easter – enjoy! To those of you that don’t, well you’re going to have to find another excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate. Good luck with that!

Weather permitting, my beloved and I will be out and about on our bikes hoping to offset the ravages of all that chocolate. I just have to find where these two have hidden all the eggs.

Friday Photo Challenge – changeable

Spring is in full swing and we’re finally getting some much needed rain. I never thought I’d say that but flora and fauna need rain to flourish. Here, it’ll often rain overnight, start a little overcast before the sun makes a welcome appearance around midday. Sometimes it’ll rain early morning or late afternoon. Othertimes, it just pours. All. Day. It rains so hard I can barely see beyond the terrace. On these days I just stay indoors and get on with my oh so long “To Do List.”

With over 300 days a year of sunshine, we don’t have too many rainy or grey days. However, I love the monochrome outlook on grey days or mornings. There’s something magical in the way the diffused light hits the water which, by the way, looks like liquid mercury.