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Postcard from Graz

On our recent trip to Budapest, we returned by way of Austria, making a maiden visit to Graz. We had no real expectations but were delighted with what we found. Graz is situated on both sides of the Mur river in southeast Austria. About… Continue Reading “Postcard from Graz”

Holiday photo: 9

We’ve spent today sightseeing in Graz, a simply charming city with a magnificent Old Town, which has many architectural splendours. It’s well worth a visit. Here’s some night shots I took yesterday evening on our post-dinner stroll. And here are just a few of… Continue Reading “Holiday photo: 9”

Holiday photo: 8

Today we drove four hours from Budapest to Graz, an Austrian city we’d not previously visited. Until I can take some photos of Graz, here’s some more from Budapest.