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A Few More Precious Hours

Just two weeks ago, my beloved went to Monaco to watch the MotorE racing thereby gifting me a few blessed hours of peace and quiet. Well, he’s done it again though this time he was watching the F1 Qualifying in Monaco. My beloved’s contact… Continue Reading “A Few More Precious Hours”

A Few Precious Hours

I was gifted a few precious hours of me time last Saturday when my beloved was invited to an event in Monaco. With retirement looming, I had looked for things for him to do apart from me and suggested he join a local business… Continue Reading “A Few Precious Hours”

Domestic Dramas

When we got back from Paris the temperatures on the Cote d’Azur had started to fall away. While we’re still enjoying sunshine, rides now require arm warmers and a gilet to guard against catching a chill on descents. However, I seem to have done… Continue Reading “Domestic Dramas”

Things my beloved says: I’ll be able to help more when my leg’s better!

I’m married to the original high-maintenance man who basically does little other than his job. I pretty much take care of everything else. My family call him “The man who just turns up.” He’s not what you would call domesticated. There are times when… Continue Reading “Things my beloved says: I’ll be able to help more when my leg’s better!”