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Trip to Sanremo

The first of this year’s Monuments (five oldest one day bike races), La Primavera goes from Milan to Sanremo. A parcours of almost 300km and, aside from the Turchino, all the hills are in the last 60km. I should add these are not difficult… Continue Reading “Trip to Sanremo”

The food in Italy

I’ve previously waxed lyrical about the food in Spain, now it’s the turn of our nearest neighbour Italy. Who doesn’t love pizza and pasta? Exactly! I’m so old I still remember eating in Birmingham’s first Italian restaurant, called Gino’s, which opened on the Smallbrook… Continue Reading “The food in Italy”

Reasons why we love visiting Alassio in Italy

We often spend a day or even a couple of days away in Italy, in Alassio. My youngest sister asked me why we go there so often. Fair point, why travel 90 minutes around the coast  – although it’s a lovely drive – to… Continue Reading “Reasons why we love visiting Alassio in Italy”

The Musette: Farinata

Farinata , socca , torta di ceci or cecina are all names for thin, unleavened pancakes made from chickpea flour which originated in Genoa but are popular from Nice around the Ligurian Sea to the isle of Elba. Farinata is made by stirring chickpea (garbanzo)… Continue Reading “The Musette: Farinata”

Things my beloved says: “Would you like to go away next week?”

During my beloved’s recuperation from his broken leg, we’ve had an ongoing joke that I’ll deserve a break when he’s finally back on his feet. I haven’t yet decided when or where but I’m toying with Route du Sud in mid-June. So when my… Continue Reading “Things my beloved says: “Would you like to go away next week?””