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Thursday doors #63

We’re ignoring the Italian exclusion zone and popping over into Liguria for a few (more) Italian doors. The Italians do great doors. Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favourite door photos from around… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #63”

Trip to Sanremo

The first of this year’s Monuments (five oldest one day bike races), La Primavera goes from Milan to Sanremo. A parcours of almost 300km and, aside from the Turchino, all the hills are in the last 60km. I should add these are not difficult… Continue Reading “Trip to Sanremo”

Reasons why we love visiting Alassio in Italy

We often spend a day or even a couple of days away in Italy, in Alassio. My youngest sister asked me why we go there so often. Fair point, why travel 90 minutes around the coast  – although it’s a lovely drive – to… Continue Reading “Reasons why we love visiting Alassio in Italy”

Things my beloved says: “Would you like to go away next week?”

During my beloved’s recuperation from his broken leg, we’ve had an ongoing joke that I’ll deserve a break when he’s finally back on his feet. I haven’t yet decided when or where but I’m toying with Route du Sud in mid-June. So when my… Continue Reading “Things my beloved says: “Would you like to go away next week?””