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Musical Monday: Japan

I’m still mining the list of artists I’ve seen more than once. I’m returning to the short-lived Japan, last featured in Song Lyric Sunday #15. This time I’m looking at what the band did post-break up. All the members went on to work on other… Continue Reading “Musical Monday: Japan”

Song Lyric Sunday #15

I really like that Jim Adams of Song Lyric Sunday Challenge gives us plenty of notice about each Sunday’s prompts. Today it’s season appropriate Ghost/Pumpkin/Trick/Treat/Witch. I’m not someone who celebrates Halloween though I will leave out some home-made treats for the neighbourhood kids who’ll… Continue Reading “Song Lyric Sunday #15”

Things I loved most about Japan

Having recently written about our trip to Japan in 2007, I thought I’d try and sum up the things I loved about the country and its people. 1. The Japanese people I met were extremely welcoming and quite understanding of my constant flurry of… Continue Reading “Things I loved most about Japan”

Wondrous Japan

I was fortunate to catch up with an old friend over the phone yesterday. We keep in touch largely by email but like to talk to one another on or around our birthdays which straddle Xmas. We met while working on a major construction… Continue Reading “Wondrous Japan”