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One from the vaults: Whiling away the hours

I’m heading back to this post from November 2011 on what is a French Bank holiday – perfect for a spin on two wheels! I woke this morning (strictly speaking, yesterday morning), opened my eyes, looked out of the window and the sky was a… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Whiling away the hours”

Reduced numbers

For some unfathomable reason I woke up on Sunday morning at around 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep on account of my beloved’s snoring. So I rashly decided to get up and get on with some work. At 6:30 I loaded up the car… Continue Reading “Reduced numbers”

Snowed under and attempting to dig myself out

I know, few tweets and no blogs. What have I been up to? It’s a good question and one I’m now well equipped to answer having looked back over my completed tasks of the past week. First up, and most important, after the deluge, I… Continue Reading “Snowed under and attempting to dig myself out”

Whiling away the hours

I woke this morning (strictly speaking, yesterday morning), opened my eyes, looked out of the window and the sky was a deep blue with nary a cloud in sight. I waited patiently until I thought the roads would have dried out somewhat before heading off into… Continue Reading “Whiling away the hours”

Out with the old

Having dropped my beloved off at the airport early this morning, I resisted the inclination to slip back under the covers. Instead, I decided to press on with the admin and then go for a short ride. At some point the weather will turn,… Continue Reading “Out with the old”

Progress report

Yesterday was pretty hectic. Nonetheless, I managed to fit in a ride with my beloved. It was short, but tough, thanks to the gale force cross-winds. The afternoon and evening were spent down at the club. Firstly with our regular monthly rendezvous to ascertain progress on… Continue Reading “Progress report”

On high

I am spending way too much time on club business. My beloved (yes, he’s home until Wednesday afternoon) cannot believe that I have spent all day at my desk while the sun has been shining. But I need to get as much as possible up… Continue Reading “On high”

Back on two wheels

After four days of enforced rest, I was raring to go on Sunday morning. I would have liked to head off up the Col de Vence but it was windy and I still have to ensure that I don’t get the wind in my eye, or… Continue Reading “Back on two wheels”

Une Edition Record

The day of the event was warm and sunny: just what we’d ordered. For once there were no professional riders at the start , as the event clashed with their professional commitments.  No matter, a good time was still had by all thanks to the… Continue Reading “Une Edition Record”

Slip, sliding away

A bit of a hiatus this week due largely to  pressure of work and not an extended absence, as planned, watching the Giro. And what a Giro it has been. Cloud bursts made the TTT trial somewhat of a lottery and those men in lime green seized the… Continue Reading “Slip, sliding away”