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Sculpture Saturday #23

This large duck sits in the gardens of a hotel we stayed in a couple of years ago, Château des Tourelles, Pornichet – La Baule. It rather amused me as I have a much smaller rubber version that sits in my guest bathroom. An… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #23”

Reflecting on our trip to Pornichet

We had gone to the start of this year’s Tour de France because it wasn’t far from La Baule, a place both of us had visited as teenagers. I’d enjoyed a delightful last holiday with my parents and sisters while my beloved had less… Continue Reading “Reflecting on our trip to Pornichet”

Holiday photos: day 7

Yesterday the Tour de France came to us with a stage start in La Baule, albeit at an out of town shopping centre. We arrived early to bag a car parking spot and watched the caravan go by. Was it my imagination, or was… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 7”

Holiday photos: day 6

It didn’t take either of us too long to relax enough to enjoy a spot of lotus eating. The hotel, and the beach, was much quieter on Monday and we had the Thalasso pool pretty much to ourselves. We spent the whole day pottering… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 6”

Holiday photos: day 5

We awoke late – well it was Sunday! After a quick dip in the Thalasso pool, we decided to watch today’s stage on the television. It was clearly going to be a scorcher and we had no desire to head away from the gentle… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 5”

Holiday photos: day 4

My beloved and I were in the Vendee for the start of the Tour de France. We had based ourselves just over the border in La Baule, well placed for the first four stages. Saturday’s opener kicked off in Noirmoutier-en-L’Ile which is attached to… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 4”

Holiday photos: day 3

We’ve arrived in La Baule for the start of the 2018 Tour de France from where we’ll watch the first few stages, concluding with stage four which starts in La Baule. This year I arrived too late to see the team presentation or attend… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 3”


We’re off on vacation tomorrow – hurrah. Over the following two days we’re driving to the start of the Tour de France in the Vendee by way of Maçon and Saint-Etienne-de Chigny. We’ve stayed in the former a number of times already and have… Continue Reading “Holiday!”