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One from the vaults: You shall go to the ball

We’re heading to September 2012 with this one and my favourite training ground, Col de Vence. Despite adding more years to the clock, I’ve finally mastered this climb and more recently turned in my best time ever! Ever since I found out about the… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: You shall go to the ball”


It’s true, I’ve overdosed on sport. With the Olympics being in the same time zone – well, give or take an hour – the temptation has been to watch pretty much everything I can, and more. It’s been wholly addictive from the opening ceremony,… Continue Reading “Overdose”


I’m now boyless until my beloved returns from a quick day trip to Geneva. The boys’ mother pulled a bit of a blinder. She said her boys came as a package. If I wanted them I’d have to take their Dad too. Okay, he’s younger than my… Continue Reading “Handback”