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Postcard from Peschiera del Garda

Now that I’m back home I can tell you more about our most recent travels. Much as I love where I live it was so nice to experience a change of scenery. This wasn’t our first stay in Peschiera. We overnighted here on our… Continue Reading “Postcard from Peschiera del Garda”

Holiday photo: 2

As I explained yesterday, we’re wending our way to the christening of our would-be god-children in Budapest. Our first few days are being spent at a familiar hotel on a small lake, which flows into Lake Garda, where we’ll be picking up a few… Continue Reading “Holiday photo: 2”

Holiday photo: 1

I’m suspending my usual posting schedule while we’re away. Today we’re driving to Budapest for the christening of our dear friends’ twin boys. We’ll be one of their three sets of god-parents. We’re going to take our time getting there and back, around two… Continue Reading “Holiday photo: 1”

Travelogue Challenge

A big thank you to those who tried to guess where my 10 photos had been taken. Inevitably, those that were more successful were the ones most familiar with my blog, and my travels. If I were to award a trophy, it would go… Continue Reading “Travelogue Challenge”

Postcard from Giro 2018: part II

I’ll be honest, it’s at this point our Giro d’Italia adventure rather went off the rails. We’d enjoyed a fabulously sunny few hours in Ljubljana and on our return drive to Peschiera, near Lake Garda. Chosen specifically because it was about a 30 minute… Continue Reading “Postcard from Giro 2018: part II”

Postcard from Garda

We kicked off our trip to Austria, itself a bit of a gander down memory lane, with an even bigger one. The summer after my beloved and I got married, we went to Lake Garda for our summer vacation. Funds were limited. I recall… Continue Reading “Postcard from Garda”