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Lockdown Latest: France

We’ve had our first jab – Astra Zeneca – at our local pharmacy and suffered absolutely no adverse reactions – not even my beloved, a hypochondriac of note. Our next one is scheduled. Meanwhile, we’re still pretty much in lockdown but there’s light on… Continue Reading “Lockdown Latest: France”

France’s Pantie Protest

You may be surprised to learn that the French prime minister is receiving ladies’ underwear in the post. This might be all in a day’s work for rock musicians and movie stars, but why is France’s prime minister also getting them? French prime minister… Continue Reading “France’s Pantie Protest”

Here we go again………

Parts of northern France but also the south-east whete I live will go back into full lockdown from midnight today to battle spiralling Covid-19 infection rates. The départements are mainly in northern France and the Paris region where Covid-19 infections have been surging in… Continue Reading “Here we go again………”

A Year of Covid in France

How time flies! It’s now just over a year since an 80-year-old Chinese tourist died in a hospital in Paris, and achieved the grim distinction of being the first Covid-19 fatality in Europe. Here’s what happened over the following 12 months. The man had… Continue Reading “A Year of Covid in France”

Latest on Covid from France

Christmas data, the ‘English variant’ of Covid-19 and the vaccination latest – health experts say that this week is key in determining whether France will need to enact stricter health measures. Since lockdown in France was lifted on 15 December, health restrictions here in… Continue Reading “Latest on Covid from France”

More Lockdown Loosening

France had initially hoped to lift many of its lockdown rules next Tuesday thereby enabling people to visit friends and family over the holidays, followed by a re-opening of bars, restaurants and gyms on 20th January. However all this depended on cases falling to… Continue Reading “More Lockdown Loosening”

Lockdown latest from France

When France went into lockdown for the second time on 30th October, the President promised a review of the situation after two weeks. So, after a little more than two weeks of Lockdown II, where are we now? Last week the Prime Minister said… Continue Reading “Lockdown latest from France”

Lockdown lingo

As France spends its second week in Lockdown II, let’s look at some of the technical terms that we’ve all had to become familiar with. Attestation – This word (certificate) – already crucial to France’s true religion of bureaucracy – became central to life… Continue Reading “Lockdown lingo”

Lockdown latest from France

At the end of last week, the French Prime Minister extended the night-time curfew to another 38 new départements to cover roughly half of France (46 million inhabitants), red on the map below, including where I live in the Alpes-Maritimes. In total 54 of… Continue Reading “Lockdown latest from France”

10 Lockdown Learnings

It’s #deconfinement +1 but very little has changed, largely thanks to the weather. After weeks of largely glorious weather our gradual release from lockdon was heralded by torrential rain and, weather wise, a rather mixed forecast until almost month-end. This, of course, may be… Continue Reading “10 Lockdown Learnings”