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A Tale of Two Cities: Part I

Just like the Charles Dickins’ novel of the same name, this covers our most recent trip to London and Paris. My outlaw (mother-in-law) died during the pandemic and consequently few were able to attend her funeral. It was decided that the family would hold… Continue Reading “A Tale of Two Cities: Part I”

One from the vaults: Postcard from London

Since moving to France I have made infrequent trips back to the UK. Far fewer than I originally anticipated. This was my annual flying visit to the dentist and hygienist. Yes, they have those in France too – well not hygienists. My dentist is… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from London”

Must see: Picasso and Paper

When I lived in London I was a friend of The Royal Academy meaning I could access the museum whenever it was open, along with enjoying a huge range of benefits. I made a point of seeing all its exhibitions, even those which might… Continue Reading “Must see: Picasso and Paper”

40 years of Memorable Moments: Bayswater

After we’d sold our place in Chiswick, and we knew weren’t going to move lock, stock and barrel to Germany  because my beloved would be coming back to work in UK, I needed to find us a new home. I had already decided that I wanted… Continue Reading “40 years of Memorable Moments: Bayswater”

40 Years of Memorable Moments: Chiswick

It’s the same every year. Our first Christmas card comes from a couple who almost bought our house in Chiswick in 1993, and we’ve been exchanging cards ever since. They did eventually buy a similar property, in need of total renovation, around the corner which… Continue Reading “40 Years of Memorable Moments: Chiswick”

Without a hitch

The wedding was wonderful, everything went according to my sister’s meticulous plans and everyone had a very enjoyable time. As soon as my beloved has time to edit his photos, I will post a photo of the happy couple. (Postscript: Sadly none of them… Continue Reading “Without a hitch”

Perfect present

I’ve made little mention recently about football largely because the arctic conditions in Europe have forced the cancellation of a number of fixtures. Furthermore, the African Cup has denuded the French League of players, none more so than OGCN who have lost 8 players for the next… Continue Reading “Perfect present”

Pleasurable afternoons

Pretty much as forecast, it rained all day today. The outlook for the week end is fortunately much better. Today was my first English lesson at the club conducted over home made cakes (mine) and refreshments. It was a smallish group of differing abilities… Continue Reading “Pleasurable afternoons”

Austin Diary III

I think it’s fair to say Austin, and taking part in Livestrong, exceeded my expectations, but I was now looking forward to getting back home. My plane from Austin was delayed two hours due to a mechanical, I arrived in Dallas 10 minutes after my… Continue Reading “Austin Diary III”

On top of the world

Today was my first time up Mont Chauve, a short but steep climb between Falicon and Aspremont. I had not done this one before as in previous years I would have already headed off to the World Cycling Championships to work as a volunteer.… Continue Reading “On top of the world”