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One from the vaults: Another Trip down Memory Lane

Of course, at this time of year, we’d normally be watching the Vuelta a Espana and consequently we’re heading back to Marbella for the opening stages of the 2015 race. It’s an area which holds many fond memories for us, as I explain below.… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Another Trip down Memory Lane”

Things I’ve done: drank way too much Sangria

We’ve all been there! Drank way too much and lived to regret it. I should add this incident occurred back in the late 70s while on vacation in southern Spain staying at my parents first apartment. The memory was triggered by reading that Kenny… Continue Reading “Things I’ve done: drank way too much Sangria”

40 years of Memorable Moments: Marbella Club

In years gone by one of our favourite spots for a week’s holiday, particularly in late May or in early September, was the Marbella Club in Andalucia, Spain. This was after my parents had divested themselves of their properties in Spain. I think they… Continue Reading “40 years of Memorable Moments: Marbella Club”