Virtual afternoon tea with Sue: November

I’m joining Sue who most kindly hosts a monthly virtual afternoon tea from New Zealand. It matters not that I’m barely compos mentis when she’s enjoying tea in the spring sunshine, while she’s in the land of nod as I’m sipping my autumnal cuppa.  

Since Lockdown I started way back when, my beloved and I have tried to catch up over a cup of tea/glass of iced tea every afternoon on the terrace, outside the office. You might recall that we used to share the office but as hes constantly Zooming, he’s been banished to the desk in the lounge. Far enough away that, with the office door closed, I cannot hear him.

Consequently, we really don’t see much of one another during the day, except over meals. Or should I say most meals. I try to serve breakfast (07:30), lunch (12:30) and dinner (19:00) at the same times each day thereby enabling my beloved to better plan his agenda. Sadly, this seldom works in practice and his meal is often left either on the table or in the oven.

Afternoon tea is also a bit of a moveable fest as again it has to fit into his timetable. It can be anytime from 15:30 – 18:00. I deem the latter to be more appropriate for an Apéro, than afternoon tea. Plus as we head fully into November, it’s too cold and dark on the terrace if he leaves it too late. Tea is always one of our many Mariage Frères teas, generally from the Marco Polo® range. We were introduced to the tea on a trip to Paris a few years ago and have been fans ever since.

It’s rare for us to have anything with the tea, unless I’ve baked something that day. For example today I’ve made some Pistachio Financieres to have with our tea. You’ll find my recipe here. The rest have been distributed to our neighbours.