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Sculpture Saturday #29

This week I’ve picked something more classical. However, you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find a statue of Napoleon (as Mars the Peacemaker) in Milan. This a bronze cast of the marble sculpture of the same name by Antonio Canova. It was commissioned from Canova in… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #29”

Thursday doors #49

Here’s a few more doors from my autumn trip to Milan. Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favourite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in the fun by creating… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #49”

Thursday doors #48

Happy New Year! Today I’m featuring doors from a short autumnal business trip to Milan. Many of these doors are to be found along key roads leading to Milan’s Old Town. Sadly many fine examples were partially hidden by parked cars and, even worse,… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #48”

Postcard from Milan

I recently joined my beloved on a business meeting in Milan thereby enabling me to reacquaint myself with some of the city’s many charms. I had first visited Milan in the early 1980s when working as an internal auditor for an American bank and… Continue Reading “Postcard from Milan”


My regular reader(s) knows of my obsession in planning as much as possible, as far ahead as possible. I’ve volunteered to help out at the World Road Race Championships in Melbourne 2010, and I’ll be going irrespective of whether or not they avail themselves… Continue Reading “Spoilt”