12 days of Christmas: day 1

Over the next 12 days I’ll be posting a selection of my favourite photos from 2017. It’s a tough task whittling thousands of them down to just 12, a handful of which make it on to our Christmas card. Not unnaturally, because of our trip to Australia earlier in the year, it looms large on our photographs. This year, we’re going cross-country skiing in Austria, a complete contrast. I’m sure that at some point during the vacation, which I know will be lovely, I’ll think back fondly to our two last year end trips to Australia. I’ve already got our next one planned but it’s unlikely to be before 2020 because of pressure of work. ┬áThis is one of my favourite photos simply because of the strong bold colours on the beach huts, something one inevitably associates with British south-coast holiday spots. These however are on Mornington Beach. Don’t they just gladden your hearts?