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One from the vaults: The last word

I usually remember my Dad on Father’s Day but I’ve kinda unintentionally neglected Mum. It’s Mothering Sunday in France (29 May) while I’m away though the date seems to be a bit of a moveable feast with different countries choosing different Sundays to celebrate.… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: The last word”

UK Mothering Sunday: Happy Mothers’ Day

Mother’s Day seems to be a bit of a moveable feast with it featuring on different months and days around the world. Not that I need to be concerned: I don’t have any kids, just the one big baby to look after. My mother… Continue Reading “UK Mothering Sunday: Happy Mothers’ Day”

Musings on Mothering Sunday

It’s Mothering Sunday here in France and while I was out shopping yesterday I noted ┬áthe florists and chocolate shops were doing a roaring trade. I’ve been thinking about my late mother this week, not because of Mothering Sunday, but because┬áthe Chelsea Flower Show… Continue Reading “Musings on Mothering Sunday”