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One from the vaults: Postcard from Montmelo

It’s the MotoGP from San Marino this weekend so you might be wondering why we’re heading back to a post from 2018 when we saw the Catalan MotoGP. All will become clearer with next week’s posts. The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit in Montmelo has hosted a… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from Montmelo”

Friendly Friday Challenge: something learned

The Friendly Friday Challenge is now a fortnightly challenge co-hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About and Sandy from The Sandy Chronicles.  Last week Sandy challenged us challenged us to post about SOMETHING LEARNED recently or during the last year. However, she did… Continue Reading “Friendly Friday Challenge: something learned”

One from the vaults: Just what I needed

One from way back in May 2014, when I was feeling anything but chilled due to pressure of work! Yes, I’m feeling decidedly time-pressured. This is the first time in ages I’ve had a few spare minutes to devote to my own blog. For… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Just what I needed”

Wordless Wednesday – ready, steady, go

I’m never too sure whether I should explain what’s in the photo or allow it to speak for itself on the basis that a picture paints a thousand words.  

Holiday photos: day 13

A veritable smoregasbord of sport on Sunday, but what to watch, when? Our dilemna was partly resolved when Rafa lost in the semi-final at Wimbledon. It was unlikely that the final would reach similar heights and we fully expected Djokovic to win his fourth… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 13”

Postcard from Montmelo

The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit in Montmelo has hosted a Grand Prix every year since it was first included on the calendar in 1992. It’s a superb track, with great facilities, well-organised, and the parking is free. It’s about 25km to the north of Barcelona and is… Continue Reading “Postcard from Montmelo”

Dolce far niente

It’s official, we’re enduring a heat wave similar to that of 2003, La Grande Canicule, which this time is appropriately called Lucifer. The problem with heatwaves is that it’s too hot to do much of anything, particularly housework. Iron a few garments and you’ve worked… Continue Reading “Dolce far niente”

Postcard from Mugello

I love lying in bed listening to birdsong. I find it really uplifting. So I was delighted to discover our chosen hotel lay slap bang in the middle of a Tuscan forest full of trilling birds. Yes, we were back in Italy again. This… Continue Reading “Postcard from Mugello”

Playing Tag Along

Okay, I’m taking part in a game of tag just because I can and because it’s fun. I was tagged by Dippy Dotty Girl who blogs at http://www.thetravellingdiaryofadippydottygirl.com. Describe your 2016 in three words Reducing an entire year to just three words is going to be tricky,… Continue Reading “Playing Tag Along”

Dicing with danger at every turn

Today’s tragedy reminds us that MotoGP, despite all of its safety measures, is fundamentally a very dangerous sport. Marco Simoncelli’s light was extinguished in a crash today at the Malaysian GP. My thoughts are with your nearest, your dearest and your legion of fans. You… Continue Reading “Dicing with danger at every turn”