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The Musette: Pizza rossa

One of our many local Italian restaurants used to make an epic one of these which I absolutely loved adorned with a bit of spicy olive oil. Sadly, their Roman chef has moved on and it’s no longer on their menu. Consequently, I thought… Continue Reading “The Musette: Pizza rossa”

The Musette: Mumbai Pastries

When I make a curry for Friday dinner, I’ll frequently make some chutney too. But what do you do with left over coriander chutney? You make these Mumbai pastries! Ingredients (makes 8) 10 tbsp fresh coriander (cilantro), chopped 3 tbsp fresh mint leaves, chopped… Continue Reading “The Musette: Mumbai Pastries”

The Musette: sticky ribs

Hands up who doesn’t like sticky pork ribs? I thought so! These are always popular and so quick to prepare even though I cannot partake. You can serve them either hot or at room temperature but, either way, make sure there are plenty of… Continue Reading “The Musette: sticky ribs”