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I might know your secret

I rode on my own yesterday and it was such an enjoyable ride it forcibly reminded me why I love being out on my bike: freedom. I rode one of my regular winter week end routes and was loathe to get back, but I knew my… Continue Reading “I might know your secret”

Desperately seeking sponsors

There was an article in yesterday’s Nice Matin talking about our junior cycling team. Sadly, they are no longer our team. Thanks to our youth team sponsor going out of business, the mayor not ponying up the promised funds and government funding available only for… Continue Reading “Desperately seeking sponsors”

Weight of expectation

There’s been a collective weeping, wailing and beating of breasts in France today after their football team lost 2-0 to Mexico. Most have them on the plane home already. I’ve no idea what L’Equipe made of it as there were no copies available today in… Continue Reading “Weight of expectation”

So, what would you like?

An impressive turn out by my club mates for this morning’s pointage at Nice Matin, despite near freezing conditions, which should cement our position in the Souvenir Cattaneo. I think we were all fed up of being cooped indoors and this bodes well for the defence… Continue Reading “So, what would you like?”

Lazy Sunday afternoons

According to yesterday’s copy of L’Equipe, and possibly much to no one’s surprise, Wiggo is joining Sky. Jonathan Vaughters has evidently realised the futility in trying to hang on to a rider who wants to be somewhere else. No doubt Garmin will be amply… Continue Reading “Lazy Sunday afternoons”

Ageing gracefully

It’s rare for a day to pass without mention in the local newspaper, the Nice Matin, of someone celebrating in excess of their centenary years. Yes, longevity appears to be the norm, but why? Is it the celebrated Mediterranean diet, the weather, attitude, genes… Continue Reading “Ageing gracefully”

Soup, glorious soup

This week it’s looking increasingly as if I will have to resort to the home trainer to meet my training requirements. The weather has truly turned. Last week I was wearing tongs, linen shorts and t-shirt, this week I’m in trousers, trainers and a… Continue Reading “Soup, glorious soup”

No show

According to Sunday’s edition of Nice Matin, 142 hardy souls braved the hail and rain to complete “Les Bosses du Soleil”. I wasn’t one of them. My sister’s flight having been delayed the night before, I got to bed at midnight, well past my… Continue Reading “No show”