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A – Z French Food: Part I

The Festive Season is a time for indulgence and while many are contemplating following a plant-based diet for Veganary, let’s look at some delicious French food. After all, it’s a calorie free exercise! A is for Aligot Let’s start with something warm and comforting,… Continue Reading “A – Z French Food: Part I”

The Musette: seafood feast

If you’ve ever spent any time in France over the Christmas period one thing you’re likely to have noticed is the amount of fish and seafood in the shops, markets and on restaurant menus. We have embraced this tradition with open arms. The French… Continue Reading “The Musette: seafood feast”

40 years of Memorable Moments: our first oyster

With our 41st wedding anniversary on the horizon, I thought I’d return to my series of posts talking about memorable moments in our 40 years of marriage. Of course, there are way more than 40 which makes whittling it down so difficult. But most… Continue Reading “40 years of Memorable Moments: our first oyster”