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One from the vaults: Two-day trip to Paris

You may recall that back in 2017 my beloved fell off his bike and broke his hip. This was one of the first work-related trips he took a couple of months later. Yes, it’s finally time for my beloved to get back to work… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Two-day trip to Paris”

Sculpture Saturday #32

Today’s sculpture is by Picasso which is exhibited in the Picasso Museum, Paris. It was created in 1950 while he was in Vallauris. It’s of a girl skipping and is made from a mixture of materials including wood, ceramic, iron and plaster. This challenge… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #32”

My A-Z of Paris: Part II

You’ll find A-M in Part I of my selection of Parisian landmarks. I’ve been visiting Paris regularly since I was 15 years old and over the years, having stayed in many of Paris’ different quartiers, there’s not much I haven’t seen. However, when i… Continue Reading “My A-Z of Paris: Part II”

My A-Z of Paris: Part I

Hands up I’m really missing my regular trips to Paris. I had imagined that I’d be visiting this autumn to see the recently renovated musée Carnavalet in my beloved Marais and the Pinault Collection at the newly opened Bourse de Commerce. With any luck,… Continue Reading “My A-Z of Paris: Part I”

Sculpture Saturday #30

This week I’ve again picked something more classical. Jeanne d’Arc is an 1874 French gilded bronze equestrian sculpture by Emmanuel Frémiet (1824-1910). The outdoor statue is prominently displayed in a public square, Place des Pyramides, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. The original statue… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #30”

Sculpture Saturday #28

We’re staying in Paris. La Fontaine Stravinsky is a whimsical public fountain ornamented with sixteen works of sculpture, moving and spraying water, representing the works of composer Igor Stravinsky. It was created in 1983 by sculptors Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle, and… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #28”

Sculpture Saturday #27

A giant Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture sits atop the platform of Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches by the Seine River in Paris, France. Created by French artist and sculptor Philippe Pasqua, the 4-metre-tall and 7-metre-long structure is composed of 350 molded bones, constructed in the likeness of… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #27”

Sculpture Saturday #22

This is a rear view of the giant stone head with cupped hand Écoute which is a 1986 sculpture by French artist Henri de Miller. It stands in front of the Church of St-Eustache, near the Jardin des Halles, in Paris. This challenge is… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #22”

Sculpture Saturday #19

You’ll find La Fontaine des Spheres or Spherades in the Galerie d’Orleans section of the garden within the Palais Royale, Paris. Sculpted by Belgium Pol Bury (1922 – 2005) the stainless steel spheres form a kinetic fountain which, with its mirror finish, reflects the… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #19”

Sculpture Saturday #13

This equestrian statue of Louis XIII is made from marble and was done Jean-Pierre Cortot (1821). It’s been on duty in the centre of Square Louis-XIII (Place des Vosges) since 1825, replacing an earlier statue, commissioned by Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu which… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #13”