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One from the vaults: Postcard from the Big Apple

Last week’s #onefromthevaults featured our preceding trip to Paris and now we’re off to New York in 2011. Another day, another town – the same procedure as before. Yes, I’m now pounding the pavements of Manhattan. We had a great flight over on one… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from the Big Apple”

In France with Ernest Hemingway

Yesterday, I wrote about a few of Ernest Hemingway’s drinking haunts in Europe,  but there are way more places where he dallied here over the years. During his travels between Spain and Italy, Hemingway had a knack of sniffing out the best little towns… Continue Reading “In France with Ernest Hemingway”

One from the vaults: Postcard from Paris

In years past it wasn’t uncommon for us to visit back-to back dental exhibitions in Paris and New York. This post heads way back to 2011. I have spent the past three days pounding the pavements of Paris, the world’s most visited city. Like… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from Paris”

A wander around the Bourse

The Bourse neighbourhood, named after the former Paris stock exchange once located in the majestic Palais Brogniart, occupies the 2nd arrondissement’s middle swath.  Here are the city’s largest concentration of 19th century historic glass-roofed arcades (precursors to our modern indoor shopping malls). How it… Continue Reading “A wander around the Bourse”

Trip to The Ritz, Paris

We’re slowly but surely working our way around some of the best hotels in Paris. On our most recent trip we ate lunch in the Bar Vendôme of The Ritz in the city’s 1st arrondissement. How it all began The hotel is in the Place Vendôme… Continue Reading “Trip to The Ritz, Paris”

Trip to Le Palais-Royal

Not so much a visit, more of a stroll around one of Paris’ most delightful colonnaded areas and its gardens. It’s odd that the Palais-Royal, while situated right in the centre of historic Paris, is so often missed by visitors. One reason for that,… Continue Reading “Trip to Le Palais-Royal”

Trip to Le Petit Palais

We hadn’t intended to visit the Petit Palais but found ourselves nearby, decided to go inside and found a bit of a treasure trove. It’s a listed art museum in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, built for the 1900 Exposition Universelle, which now houses the… Continue Reading “Trip to Le Petit Palais”

A Tale of Two Cities: Part I

Just like the Charles Dickins’ novel of the same name, this covers our most recent trip to London and Paris. My outlaw (mother-in-law) died during the pandemic and consequently few were able to attend her funeral. It was decided that the family would hold… Continue Reading “A Tale of Two Cities: Part I”

One from the vault: Things my beloved says “I could do that!”

I’ve revived a post from 2017 which feels apt as it was written on the day after Bastille Day, five years ago.  We were watching the magnificent Classical Concert from the Eiffel Tour on Bastille Day,  Le Concert de Paris, featuring the great and the… Continue Reading “One from the vault: Things my beloved says “I could do that!””

Trip to an abandoned railway line in Paris

If you’ve visited Paris as many times as I have you’ll have checked off all the essential tourist hubs and now want to experience the nitty-gritty of the real Paris. Far from the tour buses that run through Place de la Concorde and the groups… Continue Reading “Trip to an abandoned railway line in Paris”