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The food in Italy

I’ve previously waxed lyrical about the food in Spain, now it’s the turn of our nearest neighbour Italy. Who doesn’t love pizza and pasta? Exactly! I’m so old I still remember eating in Birmingham’s first Italian restaurant, called Gino’s, which opened on the Smallbrook… Continue Reading “The food in Italy”

Things about France that surprised me: popularity of pizza

France may be known for its fine dining, but recent studies have revealed that the French also have a taste for fast food. I’ve previously written about their growing love of Le Hamburger; now let’s talk about their love of pizzas. Yes, unbelievably, the… Continue Reading “Things about France that surprised me: popularity of pizza”

Date nights: PT Barnum, Pentagon Papers and pizzas

Dates on two consecutive week-ends, my beloved is spoiling me, isn’t he? Films are like buses. You wait for one that you want to watch to come along and several arrive at the same time. At our local cinema last week-end we had the choice of… Continue Reading “Date nights: PT Barnum, Pentagon Papers and pizzas”