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One from the vaults: Postcard from Dubai – 5 places I visited

Today, after my negative test on Wednesday lunchtime, we’re finally (third-time lucky) flying to Dubai. Consequently, I thought I should look back on one of my earlier posts about the place. This is from 2018 where I managed to combine travel with watching a… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: Postcard from Dubai – 5 places I visited”

Yet another postcard from Dubai

It was early February and once again we were in Dubai, ostensibly to attend an exhibition onto which we’d tagged a few days’ vacation. Although it had been sunny at home, it had been very cold and a bit of warmth is always much… Continue Reading “Yet another postcard from Dubai”

Postcard from Dubai: 5 places I visited

I’ve visited Dubai plenty of times, largely for business with a few days of pleasure tacked on. This time my beloved’s Dental Exhibition coincided with the Tour of Dubai – how great is that? – giving me my first taste of live racing this… Continue Reading “Postcard from Dubai: 5 places I visited”